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Christmas Abbott Tops Our 25 Hottest Physique List

While renowned as a successful business woman and fitness mogul, Christmas wasn’t always an athlete. Additionally, she had to overcome bad influences and consequences before becoming the inspirational figure she is today. This rough period started when she was 13 because her sister suffered a horrendous car accident that cast her into a coma. Christmas reacted to this tragic incident by drinking and smoking. She overcame the obstacles and became a stronger person. Born on December 20 as the second of three children, Christmas Joye Abbott was named by her mother in honor of the subsequent holiday. Growing up in Lynchburg, Virginia, she wanted to break gender barriers early on. At age 9, she recognized that a baseball suited her better than a softball. The logical step for Christmas was to join the boys’ league, but the male-dominated institution resisted at first. Luckily, her mom supported her desire and threatened to get the media involved. That’s when the league officials changed their position. While she weighs less than 120 pounds and stands only 5’3″ tall, she can deadlift 255 lbs! Over double her own weight!With lots of substance and grit behind that physique, it’s not hard to see why Christmas was at the top of this list!

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