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Brittney Stracener – New Fitness Gurls Athlete

We’re so excited to add you to our roster of athletes… why do you believe Fitness Gurls Magazine is a perfect fit for you and your brand?
I am thrilled to be apart of Fitness Gurls Magazine! The opportunity to share my knowledge on nutrition and fitness has me beyond excited! I see so many people trying to live the “fit” lifestyle and i know i can make that a lot more achievable and fun!

What is how did you get started in fitness?
I started in fitness as a runner, and soon went on to compete in the NPC Bikini division. After becoming nationally qualified i decided to retire lol. I found my true passion in coaching others to live a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle, whether competing or just wanting to better themselves.

We are absolutely in love with your physique. What drives you the most to stay in such amazing shape?
​First off, thank you so much! It’s easy staying in shape year round now that i have found a balance in my diet and training. I don’t just workout to look good in a bikini or for a photo-shoot. I love the way working out makes me feel inside and out! I also love to use my platform on social media to keep others motivated and inspired through my dedication. I try to show my followers on social media that they too can achieve results through hard work and consistency.
It is very crucial in the industry to remain in good shape, you never know when an opportunity may present itself!


You are one of the most inspiring people in fitness, why is motivating people important to you?
I get a sense of accomplishment watching others succeed. Becoming one with your body and really learning it inside and out is such a rewarding feeling. Joining Fitness Gurls is going to allow me to teach people that you can have a fitness model body without following an extreme diet and workout regimen. It is so important for me to motivate the readers with different options and flexibility!

What’s next for you?
I am always trying to better myself in the industry. My website www.stayfitwithbritt.comoffers online coaching for those looking to expand their dieting methods. I teach my clients how to follow Flexible Dieting, and how to maximize results with customized strength and endurance training! I am currently building my MEMBERS ONLY page, and cannot wait to share it with all of you! I have a lot of things up my sleeve and i know that 2015 will be my best year yet!




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