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I spent most of the weekend running around doing errands and didn’t have time to get a workout in. So here we are Monday morning and it’s time to get my game face on, head to the gym and pay my dues. But first it’s time to get some well needed encouragement and visit my favorite Fitness Gurls. They always provide great tips and advice on a daily basis. Make sure to go check them out and learn something.

Your focus and motivation is personal to you. You don't need to brag about how hard you train or how early you wake up or how strict you diet. Words do not trump actions or commitment. Just because someone has a 4am wake up fr cardio 6x a week, doesn't mean they are any more committed than you, nor hardcore. Your goals are individual, and you must fit them around your lifestyle and character in whichever way suits. There is no one way. There is no right way. Your goals are as serious as you take them, view them, and strive to achieve them. – Your goals should help you develop as a person, become better and gain more knowledge. But you must remember, that although health and fitness are important, as are your goals, there are many more aspects to life.. Than just what you put in your mouth or the weight you lift at the gym. In the bigger picture, of course achieving these goals are important, but so are the relationships you make along the way and the experiences you remember. Commit to your goals, but do not forget that we have 1 life, and to make the most of every aspect and opportunity, and person, that comes into it. – #thoughts #friends #family #experience #opportunity #work #play #fitnessmodel #fitnessgurls #bikinifitness #bikinimodel #bikiniprep #fitnessgirl #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #goals #bombshell #bodybuilding #muscletech #muscle #life #biggerpicture #balance

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