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The Best of Fitness Gurls Instagram Post of the Day

If you’re not following our beautiful and inspiring Fitness Gurls Athlete team on Instagram, what are you doing with your life. We’re kidding, of course. But if you aren’t, maybe you missed this.

#RealTalkTuesday. (Photo by @NeveuxStudios) I recently had a person leave a very long comment on one of my โ€œsexualโ€ pictures. I screen shotted it before I deleted it. Iโ€™ve read it several times since because the core of this personโ€™s message made me thinkโ€ฆ โ€œIt is sad that girls as beautiful as you use their bodies as billboards, to express confidence or strength. Your body is a gift for yourself that you do not need to put on display for men to drool overโ€ฆ.โ€ My response is this: What is sad is that โ€œgirlsโ€ are not allowed to openly embrace their sexuality. What makes you think that I am doing this for a man? I am not allowed to be sexy and feel sexy for ME? I am a WOMAN and my body IS a gift and I get to choose how I treat it and how I โ€œdisplayโ€ it. I am an intellectual, sexual, emotional, and spiritual person. I LIKE SEX (Gasp! Did that make you uncomfortable?) It shouldnโ€™t, itโ€™s a healthy part of life. (And guess what? I bet you like it too). Does my sexuality define me? No. It is only a piece of who I am, but a piece I am not ashamed of. I am confident and I am strong. My hope is that other women can start to understand their own sexuality and power, not for others, but for themselves. The sooner you learn to love yourself and embrace who you are, the happier youโ€™ll be and the sooner you can begin to truly love others. MUA by @karenpangmua #SelfLove #Sexuality #Confidence #Intellectual #ChooseHappy

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