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10 Times Ashley Kolfage Took Our Breath Away with Her Elite Physique

Blonde, fit and gorgeous. Ashley Kolfage has it all and then some.

Ashley Kolfage Bikini
Photos by @ashleyk_hawaii

She’s blonde, she’s fit and she’s drop-dead-gorgeous. Indeed, Ashley Kolfage, model extraordinaire has it all.

She’s one of the most popular models on Instagram right now and has a plethora of accomplishments all under her belt. She’s been a teacher, a hostess at a Chillis (where she met her Husband), and of course, one of the most stunningly beautiful women you’ll ever lay eyes on. 

She’s even been on the cover of Maxim, which was always a dream of hers. At this point, the right question would be to ask “what hasn’t she done?”

That being said, today we celebrate, among her many, the Top 10 times she’s taken our collective breaths away with her undeniably scorching beauty. 

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Short-Shorts go with Everything 

The all-American-themed denim short-shorts are tied with a red bikini blouse. Add to that Ashley Kolfage’s beautiful lush blonde hair and you’ve got yourself a stellar picture. With gorgeous greenery being the backdrop for this lovely image, Ashley Kolfage’s looks take center stage as fans are given a good view of her taut tummy and gorgeous abs. 

A body like hers doesn’t come without the hard work required for it, and Ashley Kolfage’s earned herself the right to celebrate it. Her entire fanbase is grateful for the view, too.

Ashley Kolfage

Seeing Red All Over

A view of a beautiful fitness model in a red bikini? Few views in the world are as captivating if we do say so ourselves (and we do). Ashley Kolfage goes bold with this one, as she captivates us with her allure and charms. She also has a hat on, earning her an instant extra 100 points for coolness.

A comment from her post said it best when it hailed her as a “baddie” as that’s exactly the status and moniker she’s earned for herself.


Hypnotic Blue 

Ashley Kolfage decides to get some golfing practice in her own unique style: wearing a gorgeous blue bikini, of course.

She hopes, as seen in the caption of her post that it’s not “ladies’ day on the golf course” as she worries that she might “get kicked off” otherwise.

 Her sense of humor is matched here by her very beautiful and alluring physique, which is truly next level. Her fans absolutely adored the color blue on her and were not shy to let her know in the comments below.

“you look absolutely stunning in this blue! Happy Monday my friend!” said one. “You look beautiful in blue Ashley,” said another.

We concur, she wears it well.

Ashley Kolfage

Heating up the Golf Course

When she wants to, Ashley Kolfage can sure bring the heat and that’s exactly what she does here at the golf course. She has a very sultry, classy, and sexy take on the golfing attire, rocking an absolutely amazing bikini blouse and skirt, complete with a hat and a golf club to boot.

This beautiful bombshell is ready to try out her golfing skills and turn heads while she’s at it. 

Ashley Kolfage

Bikini Mania

Ashley Kolfage aims to tantalize, dazzle, and hypnotize with her seriously unquestionably good looks. She is undoubtedly one of the most stunningly gorgeous women on Instagram right now. Her sizzling video features an audio voiceover that commits to looking ‘stunning’ over ‘simple’ if it’s ever an option which is exactly the point Ashley Kolfage proves with her fantastic physique.

The lovely blue bikini with red outlines is so aesthetically pleasing it gives way for the real star of the show to shine: her gorgeous physique. A figure like hers has always had its share of mystique and allure, which is on full display here.


Ashley is Jane of the Jungle

Ashley Kolfage’s fiercely sexy look as she’s on the prowl is perfect in so many ways. That leopard print bikini is this picture’s most elegantly beautiful part, further accentuating her fit physique.

“Friday is my second favorite F word”, she captioned her post, sharing her cheeky sense of humor with her fans. Speaking of which, they went gaga over the blonde model in the comments, highlighting her beauty in every other comment or so. Totally natural, considering her amazing content matched with her sharp wit. 

Ashley Kolfage

Star Spangled Bikini

Ashley Kolfage wishes her fanbase for the 4th of July and does so in quite the style unique to her. Highlighting the tiniest, most alluring bikini she could find with the star-spangled banner of the US on it, she wears it loud and proud, showcasing her love for the country as well as sporting some sublime tan lines, much to her fans’ delight.

Beautiful, smart, and oh-so-patriotic. Is there anything about Ashley Kolfage to dislike? The answer is a clear-cut no, of course. 

Ashley Kolfage

On the Prowl 

Ashley Kolfage’s on the prowl with this beautiful spotted bikini. She channels her inner predator, fierce, strong, bold and sexy. Her gaze is trance worthy and she proves once again that her passion for modeling was a true one. After all, one does not get to be on Maxim without the skills to do so.

Flaunting a gorgeous body and an intense look, it’s almost as if she’s addressing the viewer of the post, making a bit of a personal connection with them. Much of Ashley Kolfage’s work is like art, and she herself is a work of art, too.

Ashley Kolfage

Ashley and Friends 

What happens when Ashley Kolfage invites her stunning friends over for a gaming night? It becomes the basis for one of her most tantalizing pictures yet. Many hearts were aflutter at the very sight of 3 bodacious beauties (with Lauren Blake and Casey Boonstra) in Calvin Klein, and understandably so considering each lovely lady here is in phenomenal shape. Is there anything sexier than a fit woman holding a controller?

Lauren Blake, Casey Boonstra, and Ashley Kolfage

All Smiles in Black Bikini

A smile is the most beautiful thing one can wear. The next best thing is a stunningly sizzling black bikini. Ashley Kolfage came prepared, armed with both of those things.

Her smile is as joyous as her body is beautiful. This ‘fit is truly one that left people speechless. Rightfully so, considering she’s beyond gorgeous. She is an absolute vision in this picture. She used this post as an opportunity to connect with her fans giving them an outlet to ask her all sorts of questions, which is great as it’s always good to reach out to your adoring fans and admirers, of which Ashley has many.

Ashley Kolfage

And that does it. Ashley Kolfage has many, many more iconic looks that are sure to break hearts, turn heads and inspire a couple of people to hit the gym to achieve those body goals she sets the standard for. To check out more of those, head over to her Instagram.



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