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Costa Rica

Rayanna Scott in Costa Rica

How did you get started in the fitness industry?
I grew up always being very active from playing softball for about 10 years, running cross country in middle school and high school, and competing in different events of track and field for about 6 years. In high school, I took weight training to hang with the guys haha and was immediately in love with it. Then I’m my early 20s I fell in love with nutrition and healthy eating and that’s when I discovered the world of competing in bikini body building competitions but it wasn’t till I was 26 that I finally did my first show and now I’m hooked and in love with everything fitness and nutrition related.

How do you stay motivated in your career?
I set short and long term goals for myself, wrote them down and just keep pushing through them cause it’s my passion and being healthy and impacting others to be healthy is what motivates me. Also, I believe it has a lot to do with who you surround yourself with. I had to reevaluate a lot of friendships I was in because I needed to have like minded supportive people around me.

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What was your biggest challenge in your fitness journey?
I’m currently facing my biggest challenge, which is changing careers. I’ve spent 5 years in the health field industry working in a pharmacy. I always have enjoyed helping people and in the last 2.5 years, I’ve worked in a hospital which has given me the opportunity to impact people’s lives. But this is no longer what fuels the fire within me so I’m in the process of studying to become a personal trainer and with that, I also want to be a nutritionist and health coach.

What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
Favorite clean foods are rice cakes (white cheddar), ground turkey( I actually crave this), mostly any vegetables and all fruit. Favorite splurge foods are cake pops, Pizookie, ice cream and basically anything chocolate and sweet!

How was your amazing trip to Costa Rica and what was your favorite part of the trip?
Costa Rica was absolutely gorgeous, it was my first time out of the country and I now can’t wait to keep traveling. I loved meeting the locals and just seeing how other people live it was incredible to see how much they take advantage of nature what it has to offer. The foods were so rich, fresh and flavorful. My favorite part was meeting new people from all over.

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Costa Rica

How did you get started in the fitness industry? I started from going to see my cousin at her very first competition. She was...

Costa Rica

>How did you get started in the fitness industry? Fitness has always been a part of my life. As a child, I had ADHD...

Costa Rica

How did you get started in the fitness industry? I never had a pivotal moment that signified the beginning of my fitness journey. I...

Costa Rica

Check out the beautiful Jaime Palmucci in Costa Rica. Photos by the amazing Brett Seeley & Justin Martin.