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Costa Rica

Heather Marsh in Costa Rica – New Fitness Gurls Athlete

We’re excited to announce that you are our newest Fitness Gurls Athlete. Why do you believe this brand is right for you?
As a trainer, I like to stay as well round in the fitness industry as possible. For me “fitness” isn’t just about lifting weights. It’s about your overall health as well as your nutrition so it’s important to stay on the up and up or else you get left behind. Often times I look at the Fitness Gurls website to see the latest articles on all things health and fitness related. It feels amazing to able to partner with a magazine that believes that health and nutrition are just as important as working out. I love that I’m able to continue to build my brand alongside such a well know magazine with a solid repetition that has the same beliefs that I do about health & fitness!

Heather, you recently had a baby. What workout and diet plan did you use to get your body back?
I didn’t do anything extreme to get my baby weight off, no magic pill, I didn’t starve myself, I just kept it simple. I ate at least 3 full balanced meals a day. 4 to 5 oz of lean meat, 1 to 2 cups of fruits and veggies, and clean carbs and fats. As far as my workouts go, I did full body circuits with plyometrics and sprints mixed in, 3 days a week. Circuits are a good way to get in a quick workout while hitting multiple muscle groups, keeping your heart rate up, and getting into that fat burning mode.

Hope Beel - Costa Rica Heather Marsh - Costa Rica Rah Engstrom

If you could be a Victoria’s Secret Angel or SI Swimsuit Model for a year which would you want to be?
I would have to say SI Swimsuit Model. Just from following Sports Illustrated for years, I like that they have a wide range of models with all different body types that they feature in their issues. In today’s society, I feel like there’s so much pressure on women to fit into a certain size of clothes or to have a certain shape. We all have different builds and goals and I like that SI doesn’t have a problem showing that in their magazines.

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How did you get started in the fitness industry?
Actually, I was just scrolling through one day and came across an article on bikini competitions with NPC. At that point, I had been working out consistently for 2 years and just thought that would be a great way to test my limits and try something new. I competed with NPC a couple of times before switching over to WBFF. I competed in Vegas in August of 2015 with the WBFF, where I won my pro card.

How do you stay motivated in your career?
2. I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with like-minded & positive people. There’s something to be said about surrounding yourself with successful people, I personally feel like it just conscientiously makes you thrive to push yourself.

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What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
Clean foods- mahi mahi, sweet potato, & zucchini. Splurge foods- burgers & cupcakes.

How was your amazing trip to Costa Rica and what was your favorite part of the trip?
Absolutely phenomenal! Spending a week with like-minded and extremely driven individuals was so inspirational. Waking up to crazy howling monkeys & stunning sunsets was pretty amazing too. But I have to say becoming a Fitness Gurls athlete was the best take away from my trip and the icing on the cake!

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