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Sarah E. Evans – Red Rock – Fitness Gurls Athlete

What is your typical meal plan for a day?
My normal meal plan consist of eating every 2-3 hrs through out the day, often resulting in 6 meals. While some think it’s crazy to eat that much I actually love to eat! I make sure to include about 25 grams of protein at every meal along with starches at most the meals and throw in veggies at evening meals.


I’ve seen a lot of your yummy recipes on your site. What are a few of your favorites?
Oh a favorite.. I can’t say an absolute favorite. I can eat the same thing every day when I really get stuck on a recipe. Besides my morning bowl of oats that I eat everyday, I am currently loving my recipe for “Sweet jalapeño BBQ meatballs”.


Have you found it hard to incorporate clean eating with your family?
Since it’s our lifestyle and my children are younger it wasn’t too difficult. Plus my husband was on board with seeing results himself. However At first, my oldest found it more of a shock being that he could remember eating out all the time and not eating balanced meals. I have made it a priority at meals to teach my kids the difference in healthy and non healthy foods and what our body needs to function properly. We are no means perfect in our family when it comes to food, but I believe in teaching them rather than depriving them of “junk food”. It does make me smile when my oldest starts taking about nutrition and how it’s okay to have unhealthy foods in moderation.


Can you tell us some nutritional tips that really work for you?
Not being afraid of carbs. I did start seeing a nutritionist 7 months into my fitness journey, it was then I realized that my body wasn’t building the muscle i had wanted since I was on low carb at the time. Even though I was eating every 2-3 hrs my body was missing the carbs or starches needed to fuel my workouts, build lean muscle, and burn body fat. My body responds well with the carbs/starches in my diet, but also cleaner foods makes my abs pop! Just staying 100% on track for a few days with food and my abs start to show really well.


Is prepping food key to staying on track?
When you are living a busy lifestyle most definitely! It’s so easy to run to the fridge and pull out my prepared food but it’s also easy to swing through a drive through on the way home.. Make your easy count for you. Preparing your food may take a little extra time but it is worth it to see the results and how your body feels on healthier food.


Do you use supplements or rely on your clean diet for nutritional needs?
I do use supplements, while I usually stick to whole foods in my diet the company I use doesn’t put any extra “junk” in their products. I know when I am sipping on a protein shake that I am still getting what my body needs and nothing extra. My favorite supplement would have to be BCAA though. Since it is something that our bodies does not produce I feel it’s important to supplement.


What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome becoming fit and healthy?
My excuses. I was actually born with severe nerve damage on my left arm and shoulder. Growing up I used it as an excuse for why I couldn’t do something, as it caused pain or couldn’t make the motion. While those things are true I never made myself or pushed through to give it a try. Once I wasn’t using that as an excuse or the fact that I have three kids all from c-sections or I strongly disliked veggies when I started eating healthier, my perspective changed. I then had results and realized that I could succeed if I let go of the excuses.


What challenges do you face while staying fit now?
There are always challenges in some way, currently a challenge that I am facing right now is we are right in the middle of baseball season. That means I am away from the house several hours in the evenings, and have to ensure I have meals for not only myself but the whole family prepared earlier in the day. Late nights at the ball park also mean sometimes meals are off schedule. With this being said, it seems the challenges are always changing the same time as the seasons.


What advice do you have for women trying to achieve their weight loss goals?
Set a short term goal and demolish it. Then set another and another, don’t give up. There will be plenty of obstacles in your way but find the one reason why you should reach your goal.

For more of Sarah E. Evans:
IG: @saraheevans_livingfitnclean



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