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Sarah E. Evans is our new Fitness Gurls Athlete

First and foremost, welcome to Fitness Gurls as a sponsored athlete! Tell us about your journey to becoming a Fitness Gurl.
Well, for starters Thank you very much! I am very excited to be part of the Fitness Gurls Team as it was a dream of mine two years ago when I first found Fitness Gurls. Fast forward to this past February when I had the opportunity to shoot for FG for the Valentine’s Day feature. I would say the rest was history, it allowed me to have contact with them and be put on their radar.

You are an inspiration for mothers everywhere! What advice do you have for mothers trying to lose weight?
Take time for yourself. Many mom’s including myself, tend to not want to take away time or things from their children, but I believe if you do take that time to workout it will not only help you lose the weight but in turn you will have more energy for your family.

How did you find a passion for fitness in your busy life?
I guess the passion for fitness started once I saw the results that I was having and how I began to feel. I cannot explain the energy difference, I felt like a new woman!

How do you find time to work out?
I make my workout part of my daily schedule, just like brushing my teeth, every morning! My days can be unpredictable so I workout every morning after taking the kids to school. That way if something comes up in the afternoon I am not stressing trying to figure out how to get in a quick workout.

What does your workout week look like?
I workout at least five days a week and sometimes throw in an extra glutes or booty day on the weekend. I split up my muscle groups and do a large muscle group each day along with a smaller group. For example, I prefer to do shoulders and triceps on the same day (say on Monday) and I will repeat that later in the week.

Do you work out with your kids?
At the gym no, but there are some days where workouts must be done at home and then yes, if they want to take part I definitely love to include them. Even though my kids are young they are really interested in fitness, being active, and eating healthy as they see us as living examples.

Besides working out, what other active activities do you do?
A few other active activities that I enjoy include playing baseball with the family, golfing, swimming, and shopping is cardio right!?!

What motivates you to stay on track with your goals?
Being passionate about pursuing my dreams has helped me stay on track with my long term goals. In the beginning it was about losing the weight or fat and then certain dreams became reality which has lead me to pursue other dreams. Having a photo shoot, vacation, or special event helps me stay on point for my short term goals.

Your site is called Fit and Clean, when did you decide this was the lifestyle for you?
Hmm.. I would have to say after about 6 weeks of doing a 12 week plan. It was then I realized that it was something I wanted to continue and commit to the lifestyle rather than make it a crash diet phase.

What was your inspiration for becoming fit?
I didn’t have a specific person for inspiration at the time I started lifting, I just knew that I didn’t like how I felt or looked and knew I wanted to be a healthy example for our family. After having three kids I had lost self confidence in my body and did not want to see myself in the future saying that ” I never lost the baby weight.”

How many times did you try a diet or fitness routine until you found what worked for you?
Just once! The whole lifting and fitness thing was new to me when I started, since I had never lifted weights. I actually did some research online and found a lifting and nutrition program that many talked highly of and there were great results. I took a chance and decided to give it a go. That is the program that influenced me and made me fall in love with lifting and eating healthy, it worked for me.

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