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The Top 15 Hottest “Scream Queens” of All-Time

These sexy sirens can scream up a storm, and look damn fine while doin’ it!

Scream Queens 2020

That’s right, folks! Halloween’s almost upon us, which means it’s time for horror movie marathons and creepy, supernatural documentaries well into the witching hour. 

But it also means it’s time for us here at Fitness Gurls Magazine to bring you guys and gals our Top 15 Sexiest Scream Queens, because, well, it just wouldn’t be Halloween for us if we didn’t give these bodacious babes their due.

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One does not simply become a Scream Queen, however. There are some prerequisites to it, as well. A Scream Queen must be sexy, have a presence, and of course scream at the top of her lungs, all in the name of keeping the attention of the viewer. Here in our list, we pay an ode to some of the sultry beauties that won our hearts (and our loins) with this list.

Eliza Dushku

Up first we have the lovely, the sexy, the sultry Eliza Dushku, who if you may not know, was part of the 2003 slasher flick Wrong Turn. The film itself was just alright, scoring a decent amount of reviews at the time, but with her deep, sexy voice, those luscious lips, and that rockin’ bod in a tank top, Eliza Dushku is certain to keep one’s attention throughout the film, and a damn fine reason to watch it! 

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