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Holly Sonders: Women We Love: Bikini Photos & Interview

We interview arguably the most beautiful woman in sport television.

Holly Sonders
Photo by @justinpricephoto

Holly Sonders, FOX Sports host, is one of the most beautiful women on TV. Holly Sonders has a physique that is both curvy and fit, her body looks phenomenal in practically anything she puts on. We sat down with the internet sensation and TV host to see what she’s been up to. #StaySafe

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You’re most definitely one of the most beautiful and fit women in the world of sports, social media and fitness right now. Surely maintaining your physique must require a lot of discipline. Could you tell us how you maintain what we believe to be one of the best physiques in the world today?

It all starts and ends with my diet. Even for breakfast I eat grilled chicken and limit carbs. I workout 90 mins a day about 4-5 times a week but my body changes are most visible when I’ve been consistent with the foods I put in my body.  It’s really boring and I would much rather have Dairy Queen but it’s not gonna look very good in a bikini.

With your background in sports, your journey in journalism and how you bounced back from your injury, it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come and how many people adore you. How would you reflect on your journey so far?

I look back on the past decade and I’m just like… wow. NBC/Golf Channel hired me at age 21. I was a kid doing 30-second updates on their new morning show. Three years later I had 3 of my own shows on NBC… and then FOX offered me a big contract to come to their network. I’ve been fortunate to have covered the biggest events in sports whether on the sidelines or in a studio. I gave up a lot of my personal life to make those professional dreams come true tho. I was never around…always on the road.. impossible to have a romantic relationship. Now I’m 31 years old… I accomplished what I set out to do professionally… and I’m concentrating more on my personal life for the first time ever and really enjoying that. I finally found a partner who “gets it” and we are able to enjoy Vegas (which is our home base) and travel and it’s very exciting. 

And on the topic of sports, having a background in sports meant you were keeping pretty healthy and active from a young age. Did getting into fitness come naturally to you as a result?

I was an All-State golfer and basketball player in high school. I was always athletic but I was really thin.  I wasn’t introduced to a weight room until my freshman year at Michigan State… that’s when my body started changing. Now, I like to be strong and curvy. I weighed 112 lbs. in high school and now I’m closer to 125-130 lbs. I’m 5’7” and that’s the weight at which my ass looks like best. Anything below 125 lbs and I lose my ass.  I don’t like that.

Your IG consists of some of the most amazing photoshoots showing off your glamorous side. It’s obvious the camera absolutely loves you. What would you say is the best part of a photoshoot?

The camera doesn’t always love me haha. We all have angles we prefer, that’s for sure! My favorite part is when my photographer says “we got it” meaning he/she is so confident they got the photo they wanted from the set. Then we look at the back of the camera at the images and we are like “oh hell yeah that’s the one”. I love the teamwork aspect of creating art together. 

You’ve had a long career in journalism, and even rose the ranks rapidly thanks to your academic knowledge and charisma on screen. What would you say is the craziest thing that’s happened during that time?

Every day is crazy when you’re dealing with live TV. Sometimes we would show up for our 4 am meeting at golf channel and they would let us know our show would be extended to four hours that day. Instead of 2. I would just have to add two hours of content and entertainment on the spot like “okay, let’s go make something out of nothing”.  Also, the beginning and end of every college and NFL game on the sidelines was madness. Fans rushing to field..trying to chase coaches down for interviews. The craziest times for me though were when I was doing local news in Little Rock, Arkansas very early in my career. I covered homicides, deadly tornados, etc. I didn’t enjoy it at all and knew I needed to get to covering sports QUICKLY. 

Photos by @collinstark

I finally found a partner who “gets it” and we are able to enjoy Vegas and travel and it’s very exciting. 

Kobe Bryant and other top NBA stars have actively praise and promote the WNBA stars and top collegiate athletes like Sabrina Ionescu recently to help grow female basketball in this country. The LPGA is also immensely less popular to the PGA, what do you think we can do to make the women’s game more popular in this country?

I always said they should have a Monday finish on the LPGA so they aren’t going up against the PGA tour for ratings. 

You were named one of the most beautiful women in golf 3-times, which we absolutely agree with. How do you feel about that retrospectively?

I feel honored. For the folks at SI to select me for all three issues was a huge honor. You can be sexy AND smart AND great at your job. Some feel it has to be one or the other. I often receive comments on IG like “are you a model or a broadcaster?” And I am just stunned by this question every time. Why can’t I be both?

With sports now gone, you must be immensely enjoying the downtime. What do you do to pass the time?

I am currently in Mexico with my fiancée at our villa here. He also works in sports so we have a lot of downtime on our hands until Sports are back. I’m crushed that March madness was canceled…it’s my favorite time of the year. We are watching a lot of Breaking Bad. It’s my third time watching the full series. We workout in front of the TV the entire time.  He films my awkward butt workouts when I’m not looking and posts it on IG and laughs.

You’ve worked on building a substantial number of followers on social media. Some say too much of social media can be a bad thing and yet there are a ton of people earning a living via it. What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the same as you and really control and take ownership of their image online?

I love social media. And it’s how my partner makes the predominant part of his income through sports consulting.  If I’m burned out IG I put my phone down for a while. But it’s the perfect opportunity for anyone to take ownership of their brand and their image and capitalize on it. Dave always preaches that in order to do wealthy you have to build your own dream, not your boss’s dream as their employee. I see a lot of really beautiful, smart women on social media who are doing exactly that. Or who are at least building a secondary stream of income through social media?  It makes me happy to see this. 

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