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Bella Thorne Looks Stunning in New Music Video ‘Phantoms’

The former Disney starlet and OnlyFans goddess drops new music

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has been making some power moves as of late. Whether it’s joining up on OnlyFans and subsequently crashing the site, or showing off her gorgeous body, she’s making a statement about her being all grown up, and we believe it.

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And for her next trick, she’s dabbling into the world of music, and with any luck, she’d be joining the ranks of Dua Lipa. However, whether or not that happens, she’s had her 1st outing with the song ‘Phantoms’ that also features quite an… interesting video, to say the least.

While we thought some of the artistic choices happened to be a little ‘meh’ for our tastes, Thorne herself remains the reason to watch. Whether it’s the ‘hot chick’ from-a-horror-movie look she has in her room at the beginning of the vid, a monster trying to jump her bones (we know, right?) or her doing her best Lady Gaga impersonation with that sexy slit dress packed with the white hair, Bella Throne has got it goin’ on, for sure. 

While music tastes tend to differ from person to person, Bella Thorne being some serious eye candy is the anchor for people to watch!  

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