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Alexandra Daddario Wants To Know What Is Your Favorite Scene Of Hers Is

We breakdown the beautiful Alexandra Daddario’s Top 3 Scenes in her career.

Alexandra Daddario
Photo by CBS / Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

To us and millions of her male fans, it’s easy, the scene that put Alexandra Daddario on the map. True Detective, season 1, the scene of all scenes. But we will humor her and break it down to our Top 3 scenes of the beautiful Alexandra Daddario.

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3. San Andreas, 2015

It was her first major action movie blockbuster. I know she was in Percy Jackson, but that’s kids adventure. This was a summer blockbuster and she was the main female lead. And the moment she looked out and those eyes just mesmerize you. You can understand why people think she can be a leading lady. This is one of Alexandra Daddario’s best movies.

2. Why Women Kill, 2019

If you’re an Alexandra Daddario fan, this is a great show. I’ll set it up. Alexandra Daddario plays the other woman, the bisexual mistress, who straight seduces this average guy movie writer. Average guy vs Alexandra Daddario, one of the sexiest women in the world… dude’s got no chance. He can’t say no to her! Anyways, I won’t give it away. It’s on CBS All Access, so it’s not rated R, but episode 2 is a really good episode.

1. True Detective, 2014 (NSFW)

Alexandra Daddario made her big splash in HBO’s True Detective. In episode 2, she has her first and only topless scene. And it’s absolutely epic!

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