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Is your passion making you poor? By Holly Barker

Hi my name is Holly Barker and I am a FitnessPreneur. I have a deep passion for business and for fitness and I enjoy a lifestyle that involves both of these aspects in tandem each day. My business is fitness.

As a business owner in the fitness industry, it has come to my realization that this industry comes a lot from the angle of fitness first and figuring out business second. Even worse, many business operators, athletes, enthusiasts, trainers, mentors etc…. think fitness first and sometimes never get to the business part and, ultimately, do not succeed to their full potential.

Many businesses come and go each year, but the truth behind anything you do is that it should be treated as business first. You are your own business with everything that you do, create, stand behind, represent. Don’t ignorantly float through life and let time pass, invest in your success and educate yourself on how to be the best at what you do.

If fitness is a hobby that is putting you into financial stress, don’t work harder at your job, educate yourself on ways to monetize your passion! Instead of donating your time towards building someone else’s dream, invest your time and start realizing your own! Push your limits, your mental limits, your physical limits, your emotional limits and dare to reach for the stars. There is never a fail, where there is a try.

To make the transition from paying for your passion to monetizing it is to start asking yourself
the right questions:

What is it that you are wanting out of life? What does a successful life to you look like? As a finance graduate who loves money and the opportunities it affords, I have always been an advocate to those world changers that go after it and work for what they want. I learnt early that wishing for things without a plan of execution most of the time led to being let down. Cause and effect taught me that if I quit wishing and just start acting that most of the time I will get what I deserve. The gratification of earning my way allows me to feel that success is in my ability and I can continue to work toward success with an ultimate result of achieving it!!


The power to think differently has led me to this key ingredient towards succeeding as a

Ask yourself the right questions.
Instead of saying, ‘I can’t’ commonly heard in phrases quoted by wishful thinkers:
‘I can’t afford that’
‘I can’t do that’
‘I can’t think like that’
‘I can’t’
‘I can’t’
‘I can’t’
Blah blah blah….gosh, this statement got old to me really quickly…because it is a friggin lie! The truth is that you can…but you just don’t want to! And that is totally fine. Just say you don’t want to and move forward!

However, many of us get hung up on the thought that they do want that thing they think they cannot have, create, afford, do…

Thus, I challenge you to correct your phrase every single time it starts with those words of ‘I can’t’ and change the statement into a question and instead ask yourself, ‘how can i?’

Changing the way you think changes the way you act. When you ask yourself a question of how can you, you start to think and strategic of ways to make it happen.

When you state that you can’t, you immediately shut off thoughts of strategy and limit yourself to the standards you have reduced yourself to. To succeed outside of the proverbial box, you must think in the space outside of it.

Photos by: Harry Grigsby / @harrylhgfx



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