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Leigh Brandt Interview

Leigh Brandt - IFBB Bikini Pro - Interview

Leigh Brandt (IFBB Bikini Pro) Interview

Q:: How did you get started in fitness industry?
LB: I started in 2007 doing figure and then switched to bikini in 2009. I’ve alway been quite active, but when school finished I started working a secretary job and really wanted something to work towards so I decided to do a figure competition.

Q:: You model and compete, which do you you like better?
LB: Hmmm thats a tough one! I really enjoy doing both, but i would have to say modeling! I feel more comfortable behind the camera then on stage! hehe

Q:: What keeps you motivated?
LB: Seeing the changes in myself!

Q:: You also do personal training with Body Body by Brandt. What do you believe is the difference between training a competitor and a normal person who wants to get into shape?
LB: Competitors are WAY more high maintenance!! LOL! I love my team, but its so true.

Q:: What kind of services you offer with Body By Brandt?
LB: Everything! one on one, group, contest prep, & online training! we do meal plans, training
and supplement programs for every fitness level.

Q:: What do you do on your spare time when you’re not training or modeling?
LB: Spare time? What’s that again? Hehe. I’ll usually spend time with my husband, family and friends. Watch movies. Go shopping those kind of things. If I get time, I love to scrapbook, but its been a while.

Q:: What the secret to staying in such great shape?
LB: You have to make it a lifestyle. Lean and clean eats and treats!

Leigh Brandt - Toronto Super Show 2011

Q:: What’s your favorite body part to train?
LB: I use to say my shoulders and now I love glutes!!!

What body part you get the most compliments from?
LB: My legs and my quads.

Q:: You compete with the IFBB, why did you decide to compete with the IFBB rather than other organizations?
LB: Its all I knew when i started. Its been a great organization to be apart of.

Q:: When is our next big competition?
LB: No plans just yet, I really need to rest my body I’ve been going since 2007. The past few years I’ve done multiple shows. I need to make some improvements, so i think a good offseason is going to be the key for me. Stay tuned!

Q:: What would you do if you weren’t a fitness personality and competitor?
LB: I’ve been asked this before and i get stumped every time! I dont know life with fitness. On or off the stage. I think I would still have found my way into this lifestyle.

Q:: What’s next for Leigh Brandt?
A little R&R!  I’m heading to the Olympia in September to work the MUTANT booth for my sponsor. So make sure you
all come by and say hi!

Q:: Where can they find you online?
LB: I’m on twitter – @LeighBrandt
Facebook page: Leigh Brandt Ifbb Pro
Or through my website



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At A Glance

Birthdate: August 21st


Competing Weight:108

Off Season Weight:115-118

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Lives Now: Vancouver, BC

Favorite Exercise: Lunges!


What’s a simple routine people can do at home to get in shape?

Filthy Fifty! 50 reps of everything! Lunges, step ups, squats, pushups, pull ups, shoulder press, bicept curls, tricept dips, crunches and leg lifts!

Full body workout!




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