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What’s the best gift you’ve ever received for Valentine’s Day?
Food is the only way to my heart, my honey knows he better be waking me up with heart shaped donuts.

Worst Valentine’s Day gift?
When I guys gets you nothing! That’s unacceptable. Haha, doesn’t need to be extravagant, but it’s all about the thought that counts.

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Worst Valentine’s Day date?
When I was single in college and had to spend the day alone!

Best Valentine’s Day date?
A nice romantic dinner at home with champagne, bubble bath, and a massage.

Most Romantic Valentine’s Day idea, in your opinion?
A day full of surprises and food!

Do you prefer Roses or chocolates?
Chocolates of course! By now I’m sure you know I’m a big foodie. Plus roses die too quickly.

What is the best Valentine’s Day/romantic movie?
Pretty woman gets me every time!

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Lindsey Vonn Has One of the Most Beautiful Bodies in Sports



Lindsey Vonn is one of the most beautiful female athletes of all time. This tall sporty blonde has made waves in more than just the snow sport industry earning attention for her looks on more than one occasion. Vonn’s long beachy blonde locks and dazzling smile are two of her best features. In addition, her muscular figure and curvy physique have earned her spots on the covers of the prestigious Sports Illustrated and Health Magazines.

#Mood #UnlikeAny

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Ready for winter! #UnlikeAny @underarmourwomen

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One of my favorite looks yesterday. #strongisthenewbeautiful #booktour

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Date night! Good thing I did all that core work! 😜 #keeptheabstight

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Interview with Fit Influencer Rania Pugholm

Beautiful fashion and fitness model from Dubai



So tell us about you?
I am Dubai based Arabic model, actress, international brand influencer. I started modeling when I was 17 while enjoying life in Germany. I was also the face of L’oreal products, of various international magazines such as cover girl playboy, and I am an international playmate. I love my work and I love traveling the world and multilingual: I can speak four languages fluently including Arabic, English, Danish, German and basic French. I also a fitness crazy and a lifestyle and health aficionado teaching women not only to eat healthily but also to be independent and empowered. Currently, I got my diploma in PR & Journalism at World Media Academy, a school accredited by Washington-based ICFJ (International Centre for Journalist).

What foods do you like?
I like Healthy clean food such as for my breakfast I have to have berries, I love eggs in the morning, salads for lunch and grilled fish with vegetable. one of my weakness so is potatoes but I try to stay away as much as I could. If I dine outdoor I love going for Japanese food I love rolls and sashimi.

For comfort food, I definitely love popcorn or gummy bear, as I am sure lots women do. When I am not getting ready for a photo shoot or competition.

What foods do you recommend for a perfect eating plan?
I would say try to not eat a big amount of carbs, and the best time to have it is morning, eat fresh and mostly grilled food, use healthy oil to cook with suck as olives oil and grapes. eat less red meat and eat more fish. add more food to your diet that is filled with antioxidant.

To keep my health and fitness on track in the colder months I enjoy joining a class such as yoga or kickboxing, which gives me a social environment and also a scheduled date and time to be there. Fitness is a daily part of my life, no matter what time of the year it is but it does get more difficult when the weather is hot and it’s hummed outside.

What other exercise classes do you like?
I love Pole fitness and I am pretty good at it, I also enjoy dancing classes and flexibility.

To fit in a workout when I don’t have time what exercise do you suggest?
Walking outside even if its only half hour or I watch a short core video on Youtube. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

What foods do I stay away from?
Fast food!

What is your motivation?
Watching always someone who I admire their body and try to get it too.

Have I always been in great shape?
I had a nice shape but needed to tune up, you always can look better. My focus is on my health and wellbeing all year round. I don’t like the way I feel when I am inactive and eat unhealthily so I naturally stay in shape year round by just keeping my diet clean.

Feeling comfortable in my own skin has taken many years to achieve, especially for my offseason. Being in the fitness industry we will put ourselves out there in order to be judged on our bodies, which can be hard mentally, especially as women. I have learned that focusing on my health, and what I expose my body to, is more important than how I look. But by making healthy choices, I naturally stay in shape all year round. I may not be photo shoot ready, but I still feel good.

Do you have any nutrition advice?
Always remember to drink water and if you add lemon to it is an extra benefit you get the toxin out of your body. get the right amount of protein, vegetables, healthy grains that are high in fiber, healthy oils, daily.

How do you plan your day and your food diet?
First of all, I don’t diet. diet only works so far until you stop then all the work is gone. I always stay on a healthy meal plan. My morning breakfast will be for example:
Eggs or I homemade coconut milk Chai pouting, or healthy blueberry, banana pancakes, sometimes oats. I like to mix it up so is not boring.

For Lunch, I love salads because is filling and healthy but also not heavy. or avocado toast.

What is your motivation?
What is your number 1 weight loss secret? Stay away from carbs and I add shot of vitamins B12.

What would you like to say to our readers?
Do what you love and always find anew motivation to keep you going. don’t give up it takes time to get where you need to go but is totally worth it.

More about Rania Pugholm:
Follow her on IG: @rania_pugholm
Age: 26
Height 175cm / 5’9″
Weight 52kg / 115 lbs
Where are you from: I’m German Egyptian

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11 Questions

11 Questions with Bec Giuliani

Fitness Gurls talks with WBFF Pro and gorgeous Australian-based Fitness Influencer



How/when did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
I reached a stage in my early 20’s where I felt I had no hobbies or interests outside my studies, I was studying my bachelor of nursing degree at this time. I felt my life was consumed by university studies and part-time work. I had no other goals besides achieving my degree in 3 years time. I came to the realization I had no other goals to focus on in the interim. I also realized I did nothing for myself. And naturally being a quieter/shy person, confidence was always something I lacked in. Hence why I began training.

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What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?
The most challenging thing about being a fitness model is the label attached to being a fitness model. I feel this title has an image attached to it, so to the pressure to maintain a certain look. For example, when I think of a fitness model I picture a lean physique all year round, 6-pack abs etc. And I will be the first to admit, I do not have lean abs all year round. Although, it is not expected by the wider community to literally uphold this ‘look’, but sometimes it is hard not to feel an expectation.

How was it being on the WBFF stage this year? You looked incredible!
It was an amazing feeling. I had accomplished what I had set out to, and nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment. I had always had a negative belief in myself and that was, that I was not a ‘world’ class athlete. It had taken me some time to realize my potential and to confidently believe I deserve to be up against other WBFF pros on the world stage. That’s what I set out to achieve, and that’s exactly what I did. Next time, however, I’ll be expecting a Top 10 or even better Top 5 placing! 😉

What products and supplements do you swear by?
I love a good fat burner. If a product has scientifically proven ingredients to aid in increasing your metabolism, then why not get all the help you can get. Plus they’re tasty and helps you drink more water (which I am a big advocate for). I also highly recommend creatine. I believe it is underrated as a supplement for females, and more for males. But, it is one product I will consistently use and recommend.

What are your top 3 favorite exercises?
I am a huge fan a compound movement. I love exercises that target multiple muscle groups and ones that are more taxing on the body. At the moment I am really loving cleans (gets the heart rate up and can go heavy too), walking dumbbell lunges (I strap up, so I can go hold a heavier weight and not have my grip giveaway before my legs do). I also love barbell Romanian deadlifts (I use a power band horizontally placed across the squat rack, for extra glute activation).

Do you listen to music while you train? If so, what’s your favorite type of music you like working out to?
I love listening to anything that has a catchy beat, one I can sing along to. I love old school RNB, current mainstream music, even a like some old school Korn or Metalica. During prep, however, I do listen to a medley of motivational speeches. I find my mental focus increases massively.

Do you ever encounter stereotypes with the way you look?
Stereotypes can limit and often have negative ideas attached to them. I overall would say I have not experienced any negative stereotypes attached to my look. I am either oblivious or I chose to not internalize comments, looks, and actions as negative or harmful. I have been told by two photographers that when they met with me they were surprised in how quiet and softly spoken I am and that they were expecting me to have a strong deep voice hahaha. Which I found amusing!

What is your current training style, routine or split?
A benefit of completing a ‘cut’ is you are able to see where your physique lacks, needs improvement or is developed. I am happy with where my upper body is at. I have taken more focus on my abs, glutes, legs, and calves. I have only recently changed my training style. The beginning of my workouts still involves up to three single exercises with a focus on a repetition range no greater than 12 (so relatively heavy) with the remainder of the session involving circuit training/HIRT (high-intensity resistance training). Since finishing a competition, I find HIRT style training a more enjoyable way to train and I spend less time in the gym, yet still leave feeling accomplished and physically exhausted.

I still train 6 days a week, purely because I love being physically active. My current training splits looks a little like; Day 1: Quads and glutes. Day 2: HIRT style training focusing on shoulders, chest, and triceps, finishing with Abs. Day 3: Hammies and glutes. Day 4: HIRT style focusing on back and arms. Day 5: Leg and glutes (calves and abs included0. Day 6: Mix day. Crossfit style training. Full body circuit, abs, plyometrics. Day 7. REST. Actively recovery day. I tend to include a nonstrenuous walk, more for mental clarity.

What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
I really love eating my veggies. love colorful roasted Mediterranean-type of vegetables, love eggplant, red peppers, zucchini. I admit I am strange and love broad beans and Brussel sprouts. I also love my oats! My splurge foods – I am definitely a savory gal over sweets. I love a great chicken parm or a pulled pork burger!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I was in Vegas with my brother. I had agreed that we would go skydiving sometime during our trip, after having a few wines or two. The following morning I had woken to my brother on the phone to a company enquiring for the both of us. He said we had 30 minutes to make it to the airport for our reservation. Afraid of coming across as sad, I nodded my head, got changed and headed into our uber ride. I remember having no thoughts, I didn’t even want to contemplate the idea of jumping out of a plane. I feared the more I thought about it, the higher chance I would refuse to step out of the Uber, let alone a plane. Well, needless to say, I did it. Screamed a lot. Laughed a lot I nearly cried. It was an experience that’s for sure!

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
One thing I remember most when I first started, was the lack of confidence to walk into the gym and use the equipment (particularly when other members were in the gym). It took many solo sessions (each with the hope the gym would be empty) and many YouTube clips explaining how to perform exercises. I have a clear memory of myself playing around at my local gym, trying to perform a deadlift. I was the only person in the gym. The moment I heard someone enter I remember fumbling around to grab my things and leave straight for the stretch area as if to give the impression I was at the end of my workout. Too embarrassed and self-conscious. If I could speak to the beginner else, that would be to invest in a trainer or a gym buddy to educate you how to perform exercises correctly. As I found, with competence, comes confidence.

More about Bec Giuliani
IG: @bec_giuliani
Photography by @abccreative

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