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Approach Your Gym Crush!

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They are hot, they are sweaty and they make your day when they show up at the gym. You blush when they walk by and smile. You work extra hard when they look your way.

It’s time to make a move.

We researched the web to find some easy steps to approach your gym crush without looking desperate.

1. Make Them Notice You (Without Them Realizing It)

They key here is “organic noticing”. Hot girls and guys are used to being hit on wherever you go. Most are annoyed by the attention. Don’t force a conversation and look at them non-stop. The best bet is to gently run into them as they are walking in or out of the gym. Smile, say hello, and keep walking. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT, start a conversation or stop.

You are a busy person with friends and plans and little time for strangers. Right? After a few subtle bumps into each other your crush will trust you to start an informal conversation.

2. What To Talk About

Think about this one for a second. You have time to rehearse while all that casual bumping into each other happens. However, try to speak about something you care and know about. Be yourself. If they are going to like you, they should like you for you. If they won’t, turning into them will help at first, but not long term. Your hobbies and passions are sacred. As long as you are fun and nice and the chemistry between you is good, you will be ok, with this crush or the next one!

3. Respect Their Time

If they like you, you will know right away. Allow them to come to you, talk to you. If they stop paying you attention or are not as talkative, respect it. Do not force yourself onto anyone at the gym. It is our place to think, work on ourselves and be at peace. The last thing you want is for them to be bothered by your insistence and change gyms.

Respect their vibes and workout time. If they are destined to be with you, they will. Good luck!


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