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7 Reasons Why You Should Work Out Together

“Partners who sweat together, stay together”. Cliches are a must when the topic is relationships. And we love it. We put together a list of reasons why is it so important to work out with your partner.

1. It’s Sexy

The sweat, the focus, the body movements. Watching your partner work out is one sexy experience and it can improve your sex life dramatically. The more you watch, the more you desire, the more you. Well, you know…

2. Its Quality Time

Sure you can spend quality time in front of the couch but distractions are more likely to interfere, such as television shows or kids. When you exercise together you are devoting that time to your bodies together while you stay fit and healthy. It’s a win/win.

3. It Makes You Happier

Exercise releases endorphins. These awesome hormones block the transmission of pain signals and produce a euphoric feeling. This is why you feel like you could rule the world after a work out session. By doing so with your partner your moods will be in sync, not to mention improved.

4. It Strengthens Your Bond

Watching each other going through the pain of a work out is quite the bonding experience. Cheering for each other is just another way that working out builds stronger bonds between people.

5. It Releases Stress

Say you had a fight and have not been able to shake it off yet. Things are still weird between you two. A workout could totally fix that. Endorphins are great hormones to battle stress and improve your mood so working out together will very likely remove any animosity that might exist between you and your partner.

6. It Builds Respect

You thought that you respected your partner and then you started working out together. Watching your partner struggle to complete a tough workout is not only a turn on but a huge respect booster.

7. It’s Fun

When the company is good, everything is better. Working out with your partner will make the “no pain no gain” part of your workout much more bearable and fun.



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