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Fitness Gurls Teams Up With JamCore Training

Las Vegas Nevada April 2012
JamCore Training Provides Exclusive New Video Content For Fitness Gurls Magazine

Expert Trainer Jamo Nezzar has teamed up with Jason Miller of Fitness Gurls Magazine to deliver the best footage of the fittest, sexiest and most beautiful bikini, figure and fitness competitors. You’ll be treated to new training and interview features on Fitness Gurls athletes like IFBB Bikini Pro Brooke Mora, INBA Bikini Pro Emily Reynolds, WBFF Bikini Pro Claire Rae and many more exciting new rising stars.

After retiring from a successful career as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, for the past 10 years Jamo has been devoted to discovering and training the best talent competing today. Jamo is regarded as the “go to” trainer for aspiring and thriving competitors. With the versatile and effective JamCore Training System, he sculpts and transforms everyone into their best incarnation. Witness what it takes for “Fitness Gurls” to get the bodies they put on display for everyone’s appreciation and enjoyment.

The best, most intense and informative training videos are coming your way through this collaboration between JamCore and Fitness Gurls.

Fitness Gurls Magazine is the brainchild of Jason Miller and covers health, fitness, nutrition with exercise routines and in-depth profiles showcasing the most beautiful women in the fitness world. But it’s so much more than the stale, tired, “status quo” format usually associated with this industry. Fitness Gurls is the perfect hybrid of modern fitness with a mainstream entertainment edge and appeal. This unique combination is redefining the category and extending the parameters of what is truly relevant. Fitness Gurls gives the people (men and women) what they want.

It was inevitable that progressive and aggressive multimedia entities, like JamCore and Fitness Gurls, would join forces to bring the best original content to fans all over the world. This new collaboration will continually expand and enhance the growing library Fitness Gurls has already assembled. Now, you’ll finally have consistent access to the new breed of athletes being developed by JamCore and promoted by Fitness Gurls. This is the start of something big.

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