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Coping Skills Lead to Success

Hi FIT friends!

Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, in the middle or you’re maintaining a fit lifestyle, I’m sure you can relate to this information in some way.

My husband and I have been eating clean for two years now, so the food preparation is just part of our lifestyle. We eat every 2.5 – 3 hours, 5-6 meals a day. In the beginning of my quest to make eating clean a habit, I remember doing so good all week with my meals….but then the weekend came. It was so easy to get derailed from my clean meal plan on the weekend because I don’t follow the same schedule as I do during the week.

For one thing, we usually stay up late on Friday nights, working out and then watching movies. We like to sleep late on Saturdays, then workout and we usually make plans with friends or family for Saturday afternoons. So, the challenge is PLANNING AHEAD.

To quote one of my nutrition role models, Keith Klein, these are learned “Coping Skills.” Coping skills refer to any preparation and planning it takes to achieve your goals. You must develop these skills in order to be successful with your fitness and weight loss goals.

After two years of trial and error, we finally have it down! My husband and I cook on Friday nights while we hang out and watch movies. That way, by the time Saturday gets here, we are fresh, ready to go and the meals are packed! We like to pack baked chicken, extra lean ground turkey, yams, rice cakes and anything else that travels well.

These foods are easy to eat on the go and are so good for you. I also like to carry Labrada Nutrition Lean Body for Her shakes as meal replacements. If you are flying, you can pack your meals in a cooler to take on a flight. As long as you only pack solid foods on the plane, you should be good-to-go getting through TSA.
When on the road, my husband and I don’t mind stopping at a gas station to heat up our food in the microwave. We always pack everything we need so we don’t stray and eat fast food. For example, I love salsa, cinnamon, fat free salad dressing, spicy mustard, etc. I bring these items to eat with my food so I actually look forward to my meals….even if I absolutely have to eat it cold, at least it’s yummy!

This weekend we are heading out of town to a wedding and I happen to be three weeks out from my next NPC bikini competition! My husband and I have already checked out the wedding reception menu and the finger foods being served are definitely not on my competition meal plan! That’s okay though!
I will make sure I plan my meals accordingly and eat before the wedding or before the reception. We will keep our cooler in the car, so if it’s been three hours, I can walk outside and have a quick snack!

When you take the time to plan, you WILL be successful!
Coping skills are absolutely necessary in order to achieve your weight loss goals and to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Eating a clean, non-processed meal plan was the very factor that transformed my body, so it’s a no brainer for me and I don’t give any excuses. I treat eating as a job and take it very seriously.
If you don’t currently practice these coping skills, I encourage you to ease into the lifestyle so you don’t burn yourself out. We certainly weren’t this disciplined over night. It’s amazing how an hour of preparation can save you from hunger, crankiness and speed up your metabolism! It’s a win-win situation! When I’m fit and healthy, it really makes everything better! Preparation = Success.
Happy eating!

Peace, Love & Muscle!
Kelsey Byers
Internationally Published Fitness Model
Labrada Nutrition Sponsored Athlete
I DECIDE Athlete
NPC Bikini National Qualifier

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