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Colleen Elizabeth – Valentine’s Day Lingerie Feature

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received for Valentine’s Day?
Tiffany’s bracelet and matching necklace-can’t go wrong with jewelry. Ever.

Worst Valentine’s Day gift?
Nothing at all.

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Worst Valentine’s Day date?
Probably the years when I wasn’t dating and my Dad would feel bad and get me flowers. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until college (gasp!!!)

Best Valentine’s Day date?
A guy I was seeing drove 8 hours to surprise me and take me out to dinner to a lovely steak house. I had no idea and completely blown away that he made the effort!

Most Romantic Valentine’s Day idea, in your opinion?
I think always intimate and private ideas are sweet like having a whole restaurant to yourself or a spa session together followed by wine and watching the sunset together. Sometimes it’s amazing just being alone with your sweetheart.

Do you prefer Roses or chocolates?
I’d prefer donuts buuut, if I had to choose I would say chocolate. Flowers are beautiful though but I hate when they start dying and have to throw away.

What is the best Valentine’s Day/romantic movie?
Dirty Dancing still an all-time fave since ‘Nobody puts baby in the corner!’

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