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Candy Brenn: Fitness Model Interview

How did you get started in fitness?

I’d have to give credit to my trainer, Dennis Sheppard, who first suggested I start training to compete in an NPC show. We began competition prep the beginning of 2012 with our sights set on the the Diamond Classic in April. With Dennis’ training and nutrition guidance, I ended up winning 1st place in my height class at my first show! Since then, I have become hooked on health and fitness. I have a passion for eating clean and training mean because I absolutely love the way it makes me feel.

Candy Brenn - Fitness Gurls Magazine

How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated a variety of ways. First of all, I am incredibly blessed to have family, friends, and fans who are extremely encouraging in my endeavors. Having a good support team is invaluable to my success and I am the type of person who would never want to let anyone down, including myself! I want to encourage as many people as possible to live a health and fit lifestyle, so that desire to inspire is a huge driving force which controls many of the positive choices I make. Also, I really enjoy reading motivational quotes daily to remind me of my goals and motivate me to create new ones.

What does your diet consist of?

I really love food and I have a big appetite! I enjoy eating whole, all natural foods because of the way it makes my body look and feel. My diet stays fairly clean year round, but if I’m not preparing for a competition, I definitely have a lot more options and treats. Generally, my diet is high in lean proteins such as chicken breast, turkey, eggs, and fish. I eat a ton of vegetables and love fruits and nuts. I stay away from processed foods which contain simple carbohydrates and sugars and prefer to fuel my body with complex carbs which include brown rice, sweet potatoes, oats, and quinoa. I like to look at food as nourishment that is going to stimulate my mind and body.

Candy Brenn - Sexy Fitness Model

What’s your favorite music to workout to?

I usually listen to rap mixes when I workout. Anything with a sick beat and a catchy hook gets my blood pumping!

What body part are you most proud of?

I’d have to say my arms for the simple fact that when I first started training they were so puny I could barely do a pushup lol! Now, I can do pushups, pull ups, and curls no problem. I love seeing progress!

Candy Brenn- Fitness Gurls Magazine - Fitness Model

What’s the best part about being a fitness competitor?

Inspiring others to live a healthy & fit lifestyle. It means the world to me when people tell me they started working out and eating healthier because I inspired them to do so. Although I live this life because it’s what I love, I think it’d be kind of pointless if I wasn’t sharing my passion and encouraging others to make healthier choices.

What is the biggest fitness myth you encounter in the fitness industry every day?

Well, that’s a tough one cause there are countless misconceptions. I’d say people thinking that it’s “easy” or that people in the fitness industry were born with good genetics or something. The thing is, anyone can be fit, you just have to want it badly enough and put in the work to get there! Also, women who think that if they lift weights they will look “manly”. Get educated on proper form, lift weights heavier than your purse, and you will thank me later.

Fitness Gurls - Candy Brenn

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza and a brownie a la mode! Anything chocolate… I’m a certified chocoholic!

What are your 3 favorite exercises?

Kickback Dumbbell Lunges – I love how well these target my legs and glutes.
Pull Ups – Incorporate the entire upper body for a great arm and back workout.
Weighted Cable Crunches – Great for sculpting a killer stomach.

Candy Brenn Beautiful Fitness Model

Which female fitness model’s physique do you admire the most?

I look up to many models in the fitness industry but my all time favorite is miss Jamie Eason. She’s pregnant now and STILL looks amazing! I love how she is strong in her faith like I am and what a positive role model she is for women.

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

I only use the best sports and nutrition supplements on the market – VPX Sports! I’m proud to be a spokesmodel for VPX Sports/Redline Energy and I love using all of their amazing products. I use SRO Zero Carb Whey Protein (chocolate of course) every day; I love making shakes, smoothies, pancakes, bars, and baked goods with it.

Candy Brenn - Fitness Gurls Magazine

Top 10 tips for people who want to get in shape?

1) Cut out the crap! That means no more fast food, junk food, candy, pre-packaged and processed foods.
2) Eat all natural whole foods like lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts (these are generally found along the perimeter of the grocery store).
3) Read food labels so you know what you’re eating (if you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it).
4) Drink more water!
5) Take your vitamins.
6) Work up a sweat and exercise at least 45 minutes 4-5 times a week (do what you enjoy and what works for you whether it be running, kickboxing, swimming, biking, yoga, zumba, cross fit, there are endless options!).
7) Incorporate weight lifting into your workouts.
8) Set realistic concrete short term and long term goals to achieve your dream body.
9) BE CONSISTENT. Don’t give up!
10) SLEEP! Make sure your body is getting adequate rest to promote muscle recovery and prevent infections.

What’s next for you?

The sky is the limit for me! I’d love to become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I have my heart set on earning my pro card and becoming a prominent role model in the fitness industry. My dream is to be on the cover of health and fitness magazines such as Oxygen and Women’s Health. I want to continually strive to become stronger physically and mentally and share my passion with the world.

Candy Brenn

More About Candy Brenn

Height: 5’5
Weight: 105lb
Born In: South Florida
Resides In: South Florida
Measurements: 32-24-34
for easy and healthy recipes and clean eating tips!
Twitter: @CandyBrenn

5 Fave Songs to workout to:
1. Remember The Name – Fort Minor
2. Eminem – Lose Yourself
3. Dance – Big Sean
4. Booty Work – T-Pain
5. Click Click Boom – Saliva

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