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Best Travel Destination for Those Who Like Food

Love food? You are not alone in this. If you haven’t considered it yet, you might think about taking a vacation to expand your horizons and tease your taste buds with something a little new. We have a list of some of the very best travel destinations for those who enjoy eating. Whether you’re a meat eater or vegetarian, we think you’re going to be excited about the possibility of visiting some of these places.

Where to Go if You Love to Eat
Here’s a look at specific countries and cities that you’re going to want to visit if you’re a foodie who loves to travel. These destinations are definitely going to whet your appetite.
— Italy – This is one of the best European countries for food lovers. They have quite a diversity available – especially if you go to the coastal regions. A really good place to go if you love robust red wine with your meals is Tuscany.

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— Mexico – This south of the border country is known for a lot of things, and food is definitely one of them. One of the best places to visit is Mexico City, which is one of the largest cities in the entire world. You can get a range of cuisine in this city.

taiwan— Taiwan – If you’re a fan of Asian food, you want to travel to Taipei in Taiwan. They’re influenced by China as well as other countries, making them a great place to get a lot of different Asian tastes all at once. The best part is that you can stay a longer and eat at better restaurants because it’s really reasonable to travel here when it comes to prices.

— England – London is known for a lot of good things, but you might not realize how many great chefs and cooks they have in this city. You’ll be able to dine on a variety of traditional English dishes as well as other courses from around the world. Curry anyone?

— United States – A lot of places in the U.S. are known for their food, but if you want something that’s spicy and different, you’re going to want to go to New Orleans. Located in Louisiana, this is a wonderful city for gumbo and a lot of other unique dishes.

The list above is not complete, of course, but it’s a good place to start if you’re a foodie who wants to get some traveling done. Combining travel and great food is a good idea on many different levels. If you think we’ve left out an essential stop or spot, leave a comment and let us know where you like to travel to in order to really enjoy food.

Written by: Brandee Henderson wants you to rent a holiday home on your next trip because she knows how much fun that can be – especially with the right person. She loves writing about animals.

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