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7 Ways To Improve Your Self-Esteem



Having low self-esteem is the biggest obstacle your life will encounter. Everything else can be successfully dealt with if you have patience. Putting yourself down and negative self-talk are permanent and will affect your potential even when good times are rolling. The good news is that there are ways to improve it. Here are some.

1. Self Love

If you suffer from low self-esteem try to highlight your strengths, love yourself and practice self-care rather than self abuse. Watch your confidence levels go up once you respect who you are and force others to do so.

2. Compete With Yourself, Not Others

In life, you will find people with stronger and weaker skills than you. People with better or worse physiques, sense of humor, intelligence. Competing with others and measuring yourself against these will only bring stress and steal from the real goal: self improvement. Who cares what your neighbor is or does? Improve your faults and highlight your strengths.

3. Forgive Yourself

You will make mistakes in life. Nobody is perfect. You will suffer and regret it when you do, but you will also learn. Try to see your mistakes as ways to improve your character, not self punishment.

4. Purify Your Environment

Eliminate judgmental people from your life. They are negative, they bring you down and make you feel guilty for who you are. You know who they are, you just can’t find the heart to let them go. Do so, without drama. Quietly walk away from them. Your life will improve dramatically.

5. Exercise

When you exercise, your body produces hormones called endorphins. They block pain sensors and boost your good mood. This is why we all feel a bit euphoric when we finish working out. The better your mood, the better you will feel about yourself.

6. Be Emphatic And Kind

Empathy is a social art that promotes feeling what others feel. If they are sad, you will feel for them and try to help them. If they are happy, that feeling will be contagious. Being kind to people will make then happier and give your a sense of purpose.


Pop Culture

Kathy Griffin Challenges Kate Beckinsale to a Bikini Contest



IG @kathygriffin

What happens when you challenge the best, you get smoked. For some reason, last night Kathy Griffin challenged the G.O.A.T., Kate Beckinsale, the age-defying goddess, to a bikini contest and it was a very one-sided, yet funny affair. And to be honest Kathy Griffin in a bikini wasn’t that bad.

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But when you go up against one of the best bikini bodies on the planet, you look silly. In 2009, Esquire Magazine named Kate Beckinsale “The Sexiest Woman Alive”, we think she still might be. Kate Beckinsale is 45-years old with a body like a 24-year old. Damn!

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Pop Culture

Megan Fox Doing Dora the Explorer Cosplay



Photos by Backgrid USA

Here’s one of the sexiest celebrity actresses on the freaking planet, Megan Fox, 32, finally making a public appearance and making her way through LAX Airport yesterday afternoon wearing an outfit that makes her look like the sexiest Dora the Explorer!!

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Photos: Backgrid USA

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Pop Culture

Emily Ratajkowski Smolders in DKNY Intimates Fall 2018 Campaign



Courtesy DKNY

Emily Ratajkowski, 27, has set the DKNY Intimates wear campaign on fire. She has turned a normal fashion campaign into a sensation. The look which she has adorned is not just sexy but pretty bold, to say the least.

In her ad campaign, Emily Ratajkowski is able to carry herself so well, that it seems perfect. Rather than a fashion model, her comfort levels just make her look like an extension of the brand. The Instagram sensation breathed new life into the ad campaign.

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The hi-def photos have created a sensation on the internet and her photos have gone viral. Some of the viewers are even using the adjective drool worthy. The naughty lingerie is looking like the perfect fit for Emily Ratajkowski. Emily Ratajkowski has dawned many different looks in the ad campaign ranging from the naughty vixen to the nerdy model. She is able to carry all of them pretty well.

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Emily Ratajkowski fans are now eagerly awaiting her next ad campaign to take a glimpse at the beauty in all new look. Emily Ratajkowski has surely won over some fans with the help of this Ad campaign. It has become a win-win situation for Emily Ratajkowski and DKNY.

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