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11 Questions

11 Questions with Stephanie Marie

One of Fitness Gurls Magazine’s top superstars



Photography by Antonio Carrasco

How did you get started in the fitness industry?
I grew up playing sports like soccer & track, a lot of running. I always wanted that “skinny” model body. So as I got older running 10-12 miles every day was normal. I was an extreme “cardio bunny” on top of having Crohn’s Disease. I was afraid of lifting heavy because I wanted to be “skinny”. On top of that, I didn’t understand the importance of a proper meal plan. I rarely consumed a carb source & was always on the go, living off easy green salads & chicken. I guess you could call that healthy.. but for how active I was & with my health condition I ran myself down.

I realized my body was designed to feel much better than that. I started being consistent with a regular lifting regime & educated myself on the proper diet. Believe me, it took years to learn what worked for my body. I started seeing results & that’s when I lost my fear of lifting heavy & eating more. I began getting shape & curves in places I never had. I finally felt like a woman!

What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?
I always feel like I have to be on point. With Crohn’s disease, I have my good months, bad months, weeks where I’m fine then all the sudden I have a flare, Completely unexpected. It throws me for a loop & holds me back. When my Crohn’s is flared it’s really hard to eat because I have a lot of stomach pain. I lose my appetite & then I have no energy to lift. It’s hard to feel like I stay on point or progress when I’m fluctuating an unsteady meal plan & gym regimen at times. I just do the best I can when struggling with Crohn’s & when I have my good days, boy do I make sure to make up for the bad 🙂

What products and supplements do you swear by?
I’m not a huge believer in “supplements” especially supps with stimulants. I think some of the more natural products are beneficial. The ones that I personally stick to are; protein powder, which I take right after my workouts for immediate nutrition replacement & as a snack. L-carnitine is a great amino acid to take, this aids the body in using stored fat as energy during workouts or cardio sessions. Bcaas are great as well, to help reduce muscle breakdown, support hydration & increase muscle repair.

Do you ever encounter stereotypes with the way you look?
Yeah, being in the fitness industry people always think you eat a certain way & are obsessed with the gym & themselves, taking protein shots at the bar, etc… nope, we’re not all like that! I’m no different than you. 😉

What is your current training style, routine or split?
Right now I’m focusing on maintaining my current physique while gaining a little more size in my legs. I lift a split routine for example: (chest, back & abs) (hamstrings & glutes) (shoulders & abs) (quads & glutes) (arms & abs) start back over with (hamstrings & glutes) (chest & back) etc… I do 40 min of cardio post lifts & add in about 3 days of fasted cardio just to keep extra tight & lean.

What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
Hmm.. my favorite clean foods, I love salads, especially made from home with lots of different veggies. Fresh grilled fish with lemon is pretty amazing! My favorite splurge food has to be ice cream!! & I love a good burger 😉

You’re known for your outstanding glutes. What are your go-to exercises for glutes?
My go-to exercises for the booty that I’ve seen the most improvements with:
Cable kickbacks (many different variations!)

– To the Side, to the back, many different angles, you can’t go wrong. Also, different kinds of resistance, like; cable, bands, ankle weight, dumbbell, machine, etc)
– Outer thigh machine
– Cable pull throughs
Main lifts like:
– Squats (wide, shoulder-with & close)
– Barbell hip thrusters
– Step ups
I don’t avoid anything!! I work my entire leg so I have balance throughout. I do “extra credit” booty work on my upper body days as well. A lot of resistance band work so I can focus on, heavy main lifts on my leg days.

If you were trapped on an island, what 3 things would you bring with you?
A knife, firestarter, a Blanket, because I’m always cold & I’m sure it’s bound to rain or get windy on that island & I can use it to make a net to catch fish 😉

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Skydiving! I wasn’t scared until I looked out the door & was about to jump.. I immediately regretted every second with my eyes shut sneaking peaks until we hit the ground. Now I dream of doing it again with my eyes wide open the whole time! Defiantly the craziest thing I’ve done yet 🙂

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
Stay true to yourself. Don’t get wrapped up “trying” to make it big. Just be you inside & out, people will gravitate towards you naturally. Hard work is a must & never compare yourself to another individual, you are you. Make yourself.

Gym romance: yay or nay?
Defiantly depends on the kind of romance! Now I got you all thinkin’ 😉

For more Stephanie Marie:
IG: @stephaniefitmarie
Beautiful Photography by: @fitnessmodelphoto

11 Questions

11 Questions with Bec Giuliani

Fitness Gurls talks with WBFF Pro and gorgeous Australian-based Fitness Influencer



How/when did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
I reached a stage in my early 20’s where I felt I had no hobbies or interests outside my studies, I was studying my bachelor of nursing degree at this time. I felt my life was consumed by university studies and part-time work. I had no other goals besides achieving my degree in 3 years time. I came to the realization I had no other goals to focus on in the interim. I also realized I did nothing for myself. And naturally being a quieter/shy person, confidence was always something I lacked in. Hence why I began training.

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What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?
The most challenging thing about being a fitness model is the label attached to being a fitness model. I feel this title has an image attached to it, so to the pressure to maintain a certain look. For example, when I think of a fitness model I picture a lean physique all year round, 6-pack abs etc. And I will be the first to admit, I do not have lean abs all year round. Although, it is not expected by the wider community to literally uphold this ‘look’, but sometimes it is hard not to feel an expectation.

How was it being on the WBFF stage this year? You looked incredible!
It was an amazing feeling. I had accomplished what I had set out to, and nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment. I had always had a negative belief in myself and that was, that I was not a ‘world’ class athlete. It had taken me some time to realize my potential and to confidently believe I deserve to be up against other WBFF pros on the world stage. That’s what I set out to achieve, and that’s exactly what I did. Next time, however, I’ll be expecting a Top 10 or even better Top 5 placing! 😉

What products and supplements do you swear by?
I love a good fat burner. If a product has scientifically proven ingredients to aid in increasing your metabolism, then why not get all the help you can get. Plus they’re tasty and helps you drink more water (which I am a big advocate for). I also highly recommend creatine. I believe it is underrated as a supplement for females, and more for males. But, it is one product I will consistently use and recommend.

What are your top 3 favorite exercises?
I am a huge fan a compound movement. I love exercises that target multiple muscle groups and ones that are more taxing on the body. At the moment I am really loving cleans (gets the heart rate up and can go heavy too), walking dumbbell lunges (I strap up, so I can go hold a heavier weight and not have my grip giveaway before my legs do). I also love barbell Romanian deadlifts (I use a power band horizontally placed across the squat rack, for extra glute activation).

Do you listen to music while you train? If so, what’s your favorite type of music you like working out to?
I love listening to anything that has a catchy beat, one I can sing along to. I love old school RNB, current mainstream music, even a like some old school Korn or Metalica. During prep, however, I do listen to a medley of motivational speeches. I find my mental focus increases massively.

Do you ever encounter stereotypes with the way you look?
Stereotypes can limit and often have negative ideas attached to them. I overall would say I have not experienced any negative stereotypes attached to my look. I am either oblivious or I chose to not internalize comments, looks, and actions as negative or harmful. I have been told by two photographers that when they met with me they were surprised in how quiet and softly spoken I am and that they were expecting me to have a strong deep voice hahaha. Which I found amusing!

What is your current training style, routine or split?
A benefit of completing a ‘cut’ is you are able to see where your physique lacks, needs improvement or is developed. I am happy with where my upper body is at. I have taken more focus on my abs, glutes, legs, and calves. I have only recently changed my training style. The beginning of my workouts still involves up to three single exercises with a focus on a repetition range no greater than 12 (so relatively heavy) with the remainder of the session involving circuit training/HIRT (high-intensity resistance training). Since finishing a competition, I find HIRT style training a more enjoyable way to train and I spend less time in the gym, yet still leave feeling accomplished and physically exhausted.

I still train 6 days a week, purely because I love being physically active. My current training splits looks a little like; Day 1: Quads and glutes. Day 2: HIRT style training focusing on shoulders, chest, and triceps, finishing with Abs. Day 3: Hammies and glutes. Day 4: HIRT style focusing on back and arms. Day 5: Leg and glutes (calves and abs included0. Day 6: Mix day. Crossfit style training. Full body circuit, abs, plyometrics. Day 7. REST. Actively recovery day. I tend to include a nonstrenuous walk, more for mental clarity.

What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
I really love eating my veggies. love colorful roasted Mediterranean-type of vegetables, love eggplant, red peppers, zucchini. I admit I am strange and love broad beans and Brussel sprouts. I also love my oats! My splurge foods – I am definitely a savory gal over sweets. I love a great chicken parm or a pulled pork burger!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I was in Vegas with my brother. I had agreed that we would go skydiving sometime during our trip, after having a few wines or two. The following morning I had woken to my brother on the phone to a company enquiring for the both of us. He said we had 30 minutes to make it to the airport for our reservation. Afraid of coming across as sad, I nodded my head, got changed and headed into our uber ride. I remember having no thoughts, I didn’t even want to contemplate the idea of jumping out of a plane. I feared the more I thought about it, the higher chance I would refuse to step out of the Uber, let alone a plane. Well, needless to say, I did it. Screamed a lot. Laughed a lot I nearly cried. It was an experience that’s for sure!

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
One thing I remember most when I first started, was the lack of confidence to walk into the gym and use the equipment (particularly when other members were in the gym). It took many solo sessions (each with the hope the gym would be empty) and many YouTube clips explaining how to perform exercises. I have a clear memory of myself playing around at my local gym, trying to perform a deadlift. I was the only person in the gym. The moment I heard someone enter I remember fumbling around to grab my things and leave straight for the stretch area as if to give the impression I was at the end of my workout. Too embarrassed and self-conscious. If I could speak to the beginner else, that would be to invest in a trainer or a gym buddy to educate you how to perform exercises correctly. As I found, with competence, comes confidence.

More about Bec Giuliani
IG: @bec_giuliani
Photography by @abccreative

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11 Questions

11 Questions with Rochelle Wilson

Fitness Gurls talks with one of the most gorgeous stars in Australian fitness



Photos by @abccreative

How did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
I’ve always trained from a very young age. I grew up doing competitive swimming. When I stopped swimming I turned into a bit of a cardio junky. But didn’t start my “weight training” journey till 2013. Everything else fell into place and I have never looked back!

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What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?
I haven’t yet found anything challenging about being a fitness model. I live a very relaxed & balanced lifestyle. Especially when it comes to food and drink. When I started my journey that was my goal. To live a life with no restrictions & to be able to switch it on whenever I want.

What are your top 3 favorite exercises?
Double pulse barbell lunges
Triple head raises
T-bar row

Do you listen to music while you train? And what’s are your favorite types of music you like working out to?
Hahaha yes, I listen to music… a lot of people laugh at me when I tell them but it’s the only thing that gets me going & pushing through sets. I’ve been listening to the same albums for the past 3 years. Korn & Limp Bizkit. I can’t do anything else. I’ve tried & sessions aren’t as good!

Do you ever encounter stereotypes with the way you look?
I pride myself on my personality, therefore, I don’t attract a typical stereo type, so no. In fact, I love people outside of the fitness industry. Anyone different, quirky & funny. At the end of the day, muscle is muscle and everyone has it. I believe it shouldn’t change you as a person just because you may have more.

What is your current training style, routine or split?
I don’t really have a routine. I just try and train legs 3-4 x times a week. 1 x back, 1 x shoulders & 2 x abs with HIIT every now and then to clear my mind.

What are your favorite clean foods?
Ahhhh foooood! Let me see. At the moment I love this salad I created. Turkey mince, rice, 1/2 avo, cottage cheese, tomato, capsicum, coriander & Tabasco sauce! It’s the bomb diggidy! Tabouli & hot chook. Rib on the bone & vegetables.

Splurge foods?
I currently have an addiction to 4 x hash browns from McDonald’s. Salt & vinegar chips & hazel nut chocolate never gets old.

If you were trapped on an island, what 3 things would you bring with you?
A sexy man that knows how to have fun, beats & beer 👌🏽

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Hmmmmmmm I dunno. A few. 😉

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
Weights weights weights! Eat more & train less! If you don’t know what to do in the gym invest in a PT!

Also… Don’t set an 8-12 week goal. Set a 2-3 year goal! Make it a lifestyle, not a quick fix! So many people set these small unrealistic goals. Look at the bigger picture & go for it! Trial and error all the way! Find what works FOR YOU!

More about Rochelle Wilson
Height: 172cm / 5’8″
Weight: 65kg
Birth Year: 1987
Resides: Brisbane Australia
IG: @rochellewilson_
Photography by @abccreative

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11 Questions

11 Questions with Asha Coulthard

Fitness Gurls talks with one of the upcoming stars in Australian fitness



Photography by @abccreative

How/when did you get started in training and living a fit lifestyle?
I was always an active and competitive kid. I started competing in women’s artistic gymnastics at the age of 7 until I was 16. I also completed my Level 1 gymnastics coaching certificates in Alice Springs. So my passion for fitness was always there.

The motivation to begin the journey I am currently on came from a disturbing relationship where I was physically, mentally and emotionally abused. I escaped it, locked myself away from the world and became an anxious closed book. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Gabe who was a coach in the bodybuilding industry, being blown away by the information I was given, the transformation my body could go through, hearing the opportunities that may arise from the sport, and the faith that Gabe had in me and my future in the sport. My eyes lit up! I was hooked and never once looked back. Back then I would never have known he would change my life forever.

What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?
Kicking self-doubt in the butt! Trying to be and do the best day in and day out. Learning to overcome certain obstacles and negativity that enters my life. We are not all perfect but people expect us to be.
Remembering we are all human and it’s ok to fall because that’s when we learn to use our wings to fly.

What products and supplements do you swear by?
My all-time favorite supplements that I swear by are:

● Core Nutritionals Core Hard Extreme: My estrogen and cortisol support supplement
● Ambrosia Nektar: My daily organ health supplement to keep my insides healthy and functioning properly
● MTS Greens + Multi: My greens, multivitamin and probiotic supplement that assists with general health and well-being
● Creation Supplements ALCAPure: My fat metabolizer of choice to ensure that my body is using body fat as a source of energy during cardio and my weights workouts
● I also absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE De Novo Nutrition Utopia! My concentration and mental focus enhancer!

What are your top 3 favorite exercises?
1. Chin Ups: I’m a beast at chin ups! There are so many different variations using so many different muscles!
2. Anything Booty Related: I love growing my peach!
3. Squats: It is always nice to feel strong and hit solid numbers on squats!

Do you listen to music while you train? If so, what’s your favorite type of music you like working out to?
I sure do! This is only new for me though as I find myself tone deaf lol. If you saw my playlist you would all laugh. It’s a range from country music to rap and hip hop. My Spotify is “ashacoulthard” so feel free to go have a look at my latest playlist and have a giggle.

Do you ever encounter stereotypes with the way you look?
Yes definitely. It’s the world we live in. People think I am self-absorbed, obsessed with image and take performance enhancing drugs.

What is your current training style, routine or split?
My current training style at the moment is designed to help me grow and get in condition ready for my next competition! Making sure I am progressively overloading with weights each and every week so that my body continues to change, adapt, and ultimately grow. I have started tracking my workouts and keeping notes of what weights I am lifting for how many reps before I reach failure. My current split is as follows:

Monday: Hamstrings and Glutes
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Quads
Thursday: Glutes
Friday: Back
Saturday: Full Leg
Sunday: Rest and Recovery

What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
Clean foods: Protein pancakes with frozen blueberries, and bagels. I love bagels!

Splurge foods: I’m not sure if this is the country girl coming out in me but it’s definitely a beef pie! In particular beef & mushroom or beef & kidney pies from Lovey’s in Alice Springs!

If you were trapped on an island, what 3 things would you bring with you?
1. My favorite Human aka my fiancé
2. My puppy Zepplyn aka IG: Misterzepplyn have a look and you’ll
definitely understand why
3. An esky full of Lovey’s pies!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Poked a boy on Facebook… Now marrying him in less than 15 weeks.

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
Seek advice and don’t be afraid of a challenge! Don’t ever give up, nothing is out of reach. Just have faith, trust the process and believe you can do it. You are your worst enemy, don’t let self-doubt stop you from doing what you are truly made to do! Don’t ever feel like you are failing someone and always live the life you want to live. Stay humble and remember “Team work makes the dream work”!

More about Asha Coulthard
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 56kg
Born In: Meningie, South Australia
Resides: Adelaide, South Australia
YouTube: Keeping Up With Asha A Fitness Model’s Journal ​
Facebook: AshaCoulthardHealthFitnessModel​
Instagram: @asha_coulthard

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