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11 Questions

11 Questions with Pamela Jean Noble

Fitness Gurls Sponsored Athlete

How did you get started in the fitness industry?
I’ve always played sports or worked out but never was super dedicated after high school. I had always wanted to compete but never thought I could (or made excuses why I couldn’t) because I was always traveling or long days on shoots/sets. I met a girl (Andrea Miele) in another state on a modeling job and she was 2 weeks away from a competition. She was out of state, brought all her meals with her, went to the hotel gym every day, and stayed on track. After that, I had no more excuses and 3 months later was my first competition!

What is the most challenging thing about being a fitness model?
I think there isn’t really a challenge besides staying on track when you are just trying to be normal! LOL. Besides that it’s about shedding more light on the industry to make it even more of a norm so we stop hearing the “girls shouldn’t have muscles or that looks gross”.

What products and supplements do you swear by?
I love CLA and L-carnitine! Plus tons of vitamins! I get B-12 shots done regularly at Hospitality Medspa for energy. But I like switching up brands and trying new things!

Do you ever encounter stereotypes with the way you look?
Definitely! I always get told they think I will be stuck up or bitchy, especially when people first meet me because I am always closed off until I get a read on people. I’m a Cancer and we are kind of known for trying to stay protected in our shell (crab sign). But as soon as I think I like you and you are a good person or just easy to talk to I’m an open book!! I’m a very down to earth girl.

What is your current training style, routine or split?
I do cardio about 2 days a week and try to do body weight exercise with high-intensity intervals about 4 times a week and 2 days of lifting. I used to live more but with all the modeling campaigns and acting jobs, I have been working on that’s the balance I had to make to please everyone.

What are your favorite clean foods and splurge foods?
I love SUSHI! That’s definitely my favorite! and my go to cheat will always be doughnuts!

You’re known for your outstanding glutes. What are your go-to exercises for glutes?
Definitely squats, glute bridges, and kickbacks. Easy to do at the gym or home! ;)

If you were trapped on an island, what 3 things would you bring with you?
Definitely chapstick! LOL. Lame I know! And probably a Fishing pole and an ax so I could eat and build shelter.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
That’s hard, probably cliff jumping in Greece on Bravo’s Below Deck. I’m super afraid of heights and it probably took 5 minutes of saying 1, 2, 3, GO before I actually jumped!! Embarrassing I know!!

What tips do you have for a beginner at the gym?
If you don’t know ASK! It’s so hard to see those videos on Instagram of someone working out on a machine doing something it was totally not meant for. Not so much of the embarrassing part but because we don’t want to see anyone gets injured doing something when it could have been prevented by just asking.

Gym romance: yay or nay? Nay. I would never meet a guy at the gym just because of that’s something I love. It’s a part of my life, not my entire life.

For more Pamela Jean Noble:
IG: @pamelajeannoble
Photos by: Joe Mikoli
Bikinis by: Ravish Sands and AMI Clubwear
Tan by: Knockout Tan of Rancho Cucamonga
Makeup by: Amy June Lashes
Hair by: Naomi Szloboda

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