Claire Rae Re-Signs with Fitness Gurls Magazine on Multi-Year Deal

I love my involvement with Fitness Gurls magazine because Fitness Gurls is like family to me. I am able to express myself freely and stay involved in the industry I started making my dreams with. Fitness Gurls has been very supportive of my Fitness career and I am so thankful for that. I have been part of Fitness Gurls from the start and I have been able to watch it [...]

Montana Marks #FGFeature Friday Girl of the Week July 18th

How did you get started in fitness? I’ve always been really athletic; I played basketball and lacrosse and also did tae kwon do all through school, but I never lifted weights. I randomly entered a contest for Flex Magazine last year on a whim, ended up winning, and had to start weight training for my first show with only six weeks to prep! The show was out in Vegas during [...]

Fitness The Mantra To Live Long

Demanding careers, raising a family coupled with pressures of daily life is daunting task for man and woman alike. Exercising or daily workout of 30 minute is the last thing on the mind, though we find time to watch TV or hang out with friends. We can come up with hordes of reason for not hitting the gym. Being fit should be a part and priority in everyone’s life. Being [...]

Hope Beel: New Fitness Gurls Sponsored Athlete

Welcome to the team! We think you’re perfect for fitness gurls magazine… but why does fitness gurls fit you so well? I feel so blessed to be a part of Fitness Gurls! They have been a huge inspiration for me ever since I first started my fitness career. It has always been a dream of mine to be a healthy role model in the fitness community and be able to [...]

Ashley Hoffmann #FGFeature Friday Girl of the Week June 27th

How did you get started in fitness? I’ve always been really active and involved in sports but after high school I really didn’t know what to do sports wise. I started working out with a friend of mine that competed and I instantly became addicted to lifting the more I saw my body transform. How do you stay motivated in your career? I’m a very competitive person and always compete [...]

Quick Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

There are a lot of people who would give a lot to increase their metabolism. Having a high level of metabolism enables one to maintain burn fat and lose weight fast with the least amount of activity. Metabolism is the rate by which the body produces and consumes energy and calories to support life. There are several factors that affect the metabolism of a person, such as the amount of [...]

Fitness Gurls at the UFC Expo with Arianny Celeste & Brittney Palmer

We’re so proud to announce that Fitness Gurls Magazine will be at the UFC Fan Expo July 5th and 6th in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. We will have none other than UFC Octagon Girls and Fitness Gurls Magazine cover models, Arianny Celeste and Brittney signing at our booth. Don’t miss it! Arianny & Brittney will be signing together at: SAT (UPDATED) Saturday 11:30 am – 1:30 pm Brittney [...]

Coryn Martin #FGFeature Friday Girl of the Week June 20th

How did you get started in fitness? I have always been an athlete. Growing up, I played basketball year round, I ran track, played field hockey and even ice hockey with all boys! It wasn’t until my athletic career ended when I graduated from college in 2008, that I seriously began weight training. Since I had always been very athletic and competitive, I now needed a new hobby. For years [...]

Migneris Montalvo #FGFeature Friday Girl of the Week June 6th

How did you get started in fitness? I began my fitness journey about 2 yrs ago to get ready for a beauty pageant. When I started seeing results I became completely addicted and now it is my passion. How do you stay motivated in your career? To stay motivated I like to compare pictures and see how far i have. This helps me push harder to keep transforming my body. [...]

3 Ways To Drink More Water

After a little research it is apparent that nobody really knows where the saying that you need to drink 8 cups of water per day comes from. Some people trace it back to a study in the 1980′s, and other people claim that doctors starting telling people that amount because it was a good goal, but didn’t have any scientific research to back it up with. Either way, the point [...]

Jennifer Dawn #FGFeature Friday Girl of the Week May 30th

How did you get started in fitness? I have always been involved in athletics since I was a young girl. I earned an athletic scholarship and ran collegiate track and field at Troy State University. After college I continued to workout as a healthy lifestyle and in 2009 I was approached by another member at the gym. He told me about the local NPC fitness and bodybuilding competitions and in [...]

Tips on How to Lose Weight Every Day

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with what you eat, there can still some instances that you may end up going back to your old eating habits. A study conducted by Norwich Union Healthcare found that majority of the people who planned to lose weight failed within the first month after they started. So in here we will give you some tips that you can do every day so [...]