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Claire Rae

You can learn a lot by people watching. Some of the best places to enjoy the antics of others, is in the gym, the mall, or the airport. I recently went on a cruise and learned about what my life may look like in 40-50 years. It had me thinking about things like retirement, life insurance and so on.

I love the fact that I can do the simple things, like walk, clean my house, or even just put my shoes on. I think most people take these things for granted. It’s crazy how many times I run into people that simply can’t do those things. It really makes going to the gym a luxury and something to be excited about. Especially when you realize that’s not something everyone gets the opportunity to do.

I have friends in many different places in the world from being involved in the fitness industry. It’s great to come together with all different kinds of people on something like fitness, because it does not have a color, religion or a government. We are all working towards something all humans need… balance.

Fitness has totally changed since social media has come into play. It’s not the sport it was when I first got involved in 2003. It’s much more about pictures, and self promotion. In a way it’s sad, but for the most part it has connected people and helped people more than anything. All in all I’m very happy to see what the fitness industry has become.

Motivating people is a mystery to me. I always find it funny that even though strangers claim that I motivate them, I can’t seem to get some of the closest people in my life motivated to make changes.

Always love people that hate on you. In my experience, they often secretly love you and wish in some way they could either be like you or be your friend. Those are some of the people you could have the greatest influence on. You may even help them become great people just by loving them anyway.

Fitness Gurls is the best magazine and online network I’ve ever been a part of. The Fitness Gurls team is amazing! Watching it grow over the years has been a thrill. I am very lucky to have the support, it really has been a dream come true.

I love modeling in regular clothes, like my old t-shirt and jeans. It doesn’t happen very often because I’m more of a Fitness Model and everyone seems to believe that Fitness Models should show the body they worked so hard for. But for me, I think I look best in a t-shirt and jeans… Oh, but I have to be wearing stilettos.

A friend is someone who will join in on your crazy ideas, stand by you when no one else will. A friend will tell you when you are wrong and put you in your place in a loving way. A friend has your back even when you’re not around.

2014 is going to be a spectacular year. Although I never know what the future will bring I’m optimistic. If it’s anything like 2013 things are really going to be amazing.

This of That

Mac or PC?

Squats or Curls?

Brownies or Chocolate Cookies?
Chocolate Cookies

Beach or Snow?

Hockey or Basketball?

On Girls –
Bums or Boobs?


On Guys –
Abs or Arms?


Gray or Pink?

Steak or Fish?

Would you prefer to be a…
Victoria’s Secret Angel or a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model?

Victoria’s Secret Angel

Heels or Sandals?

Rings or Necklaces? 

Snowboard or Surf?

Bath or Shower? 

Weird or Normal?
Normal, whatever that is

Drums or Guitars? 

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Blondes or Brunettes?


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