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Still Lose Weight Without Eating Less

There’s almost no one who would like to be told to eat less. However, it is either for you to burn more calories or to eat less; that’s the only 2 ways that you can lose weight. The good news now is that you can control your weight by controlling your mind through the foods that you eat. According to the head of innovation at Marlow Foods, Dr. Tim Finnigan, “signals are created by the presence of food in the mouth, stomach and digestive tract, these signals then travels between the brain and the gut” he also added that there are some foods that can affect these signals, and these foods can either help us eat less or burn more calories.

Lamb - CLA, a kind of fatty acid found in lamb, beef and dairy foods was found to have fat-shedding effects. A research as published in the British Journal of Nutrition, showed a 4% decrease in body fat for people given with concentrated CLA for 6 months.

Seaweeds – It is found in a research led by the researchers from Sheffield Hallam University, that calorie intake dropped by 7% after the subjects included seaweeds into their diet for 1 week. What they found out is that, seaweeds makes the food travel slower through the digestive tract causing the person to feel full longer thus making the person to eat less.

Peas and Beans - A Spanish research showed an average weight loss of 5kg from a study that includes 200 overweight people given high soluble fiber diet for 4 months. Peas and beans are excellent source of soluble fibers.

Probiotics – It was discovered by a group of German scientists that most of the fat people have an imbalanced bacteria in their gut, making their calorie usage very economical. Unlike to slim people whose bacteria waste more calories making them absorb less of it. So based on this results, they recommend for people who wants to lose weight to take a daily dose of probiotics to balance out their gut’s bacteria.


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