Enriched carbohydrates: The Overweight Dilemma

To have an enriching experience is always a good thing, but when this word is used for the food industry, that isn’t the case anymore—frankly it’s a starchy enemy. Enriched carbohydrates are when a normal carb has its vitamins and minerals stripped from the grain to be replaced with artificial fillers. When people think of a bad carb, it is usually matched with white starchy carbs like white bread, bagels, […]

Carbohydrates at Night: The Truth Revealed

Do carbs at night make you gain weight? We tackle this issue here. When an individual starts their fitness journey into the unknown, they encounter information that has been passed down for generations that just don’t seem to die. Some that I have heard: Creatine is a steroid, muscle turns to fat if you stop weight lifting, crunches and sit ups are the only abs exercises, etc. One that has […]

Abi Christine Woodcock: FG Feature Gurl of the Week August 7th

I first discovered my enthusiasm for fitness after I had my daughter in 2009, soon I was competing in fitness competitions which fueled that enthusiasm, which has now developed into a passion to help others achieve their health and fitness goals 

 I stay motivated mostly by all the amazing friendships I have made through the industry. I also keep my routines interesting, plus photo shoots and competitions keep me […]

Finding Time to Workout

With work, errands, and children, finding time to stay active may be very difficult. We’ve all experienced a heavy workload, including myself. Here are 6 tips that can make it easier to find that time to stay active and fit. 1. Make it a necessity. Make it a necessity. When the other activities of the day come in and make you pick or choose, always tell yourself you must workout. […]

Becky Hammon hired by Spurs, is the 2nd woman to coach in NBA

Becky Hammon has been defying odds her entire life, as she went from an undrafted longshot to be recognized as one of the 15 greatest players ever to play in the WNBA. Now, she’s preparing for the biggest challenge in her professional career; Hammon was hired by the San Antonio Spurs for one of their assistant coaching positions. This announcement made her the first full-time paid female assistant coach in […]

Is dependency to Melatonin doing more harm than good?

Melatonin is a natural hormone released from the pineal gland inside the brain to help control your biological clock. Supplementation of melatonin as a sleep-aid has been popping up over the last few years as the miracle answer to help lure away a persons insomnia troubles. But is this supplement worth taking if the person becomes dependent on it falling asleep? Let’s take a normal situation that has happened to […]

Weekly Burn: Hope Beel's Booty Workout Vol. 1

Your backside, bum, derriere, tush, buns, keister — your behind — is made up of the muscles of the glutes. The gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus do more than add roundness to your behind. These muscles play an important functional role in your body’s alignment. Strong glutes protect you from injury, improve athletic performance and give you a beautiful curvy shape. Follow Hope on IG @HopeBeel