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Waxy Maize for Muscle Growth

Supplements are extremely important for muscle growth and most important components to aid in this growth are carbohydrates and protein. Waxy maize is a starch containing carbohydrates and when mixed with protein, optimum muscle growth can be achieved.

Waxy maize is derived from corn and has a fluffy and light texture, which your body quickly and easily absorbs. Your body then converts the product to glycogen which is used by your muscles for energy. A good workout will deplete your body of glycogen and waxy maize replenishes this depletion.

The muscles in your body use protein and amino acids to make necessary repairs to your muscles. During an intense training session, small tears are created in the fibers of your muscles and they need protein to heal and repair. If your body is not given enough protein insufficient protein will cause you to lose muscle.

Protein powders, supplements, and casein powder give your body 30 grams of protein for every 40 gram serving you ingest. The typical athlete requires about one gram of protein for each pound of their total body weight. Protein powder mixed with waxy maize will give you more of what your body needs to increase your muscle growth.

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