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Massage For Muscle Growth

Massage therapy has numerous benefits for your body, mind, and mood. If you are on a weight training program these benefits can extend to helping your body to make the most of your training for maximum muscle growth. Including massage therapy as part of your training and recovery regime will help you to bring your performance to the next level.

Massage therapy will help to repair damaged muscles. Massage therapy will improve your circulation to the treated areas. When you train you create micro tears in your muscles. Your body then heals these tears and your muscles are bigger and stronger than they were before. Massage can help to speed this recovery process by bringing fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the area, while also removing built up toxins like lactic acid which causes muscle cramping and is a byproduct of training. Your training and recovery will be more effective.

The stretching of the muscles during massage will help to relieve tension in the muscles targeted. This will lead to improved flexibility and will also relieve any adhesions or knots in the areas focused on. Improved flexibility will help your lifts and will reduce your chance of injury. Massage therapy will also help to relieve any muscle imbalances where one group of muscles is tight but the opposing group is not, which will help to keep your body and your weight training balanced and effective.

Numerous studies have shown that massage has very beneficial effects on quality of sleep. Sleep is a major part of your recovery and proper rest will help you to realize maximum gains in your performance and muscle size. Massage can help you to get deeper and longer sleep and promotes healthy sleep patterns. It will help you to not wake up frequently during the night or wake up too early, and will help you to fall asleep quickly.

Anyone who has had a massage knows that it makes you feel good. A major benefit of massage therapy is reduction of pain. Weight training often leads to pain in various parts of the body. This pain can cause you to not want to lift, or to not be able to lift to your full potential. Massage will focus on areas of pain, both helping recovery and alleviating your pain in these areas. This will help you to get back into your weight training.

Massage therapy helps to alleviate stress and helps to improve your mood. When you are stressed your lifts can suffer as a result. A calm and relaxed mood can help your training and improve your focus. Massage goes a very long way towards reducing tension. When you go into your training regime with a balanced mind you may find that your performance and gains are maximized and more progress is made.

With all the numerous advantages of massage therapy virtually everyone can benefit from including it in their schedule. Serious weight trainers and novices alike can improve their performance and muscle growth by making massage part of their training and recovery routine.

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