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Nichole Goergen – Fitness Model Spotlight

Nichole Goergen - Fitness Model - Interview - Photos - Bobby Black

How did you get started in fitness?

nichole-statsFitness got started in me I have been a competitive tomboy my entire life. I hated dresses, makeup or doing my hair when I was little. That part of me has drastically changed since my child hood, I love all those things now, but athletics has always taken priority in my life.

You wouldn’t believe it knowing me now, but when I was a young tyke I was constantly dirty and upsetting my mom for never having nice new tennis shoes. I would play sports so hard I always ruined them. I preferred to do anything active or sport like before playing with my barbies. I loved street football, foot racing other kids, and of course challenging the boys and beating them.

I have always felt an innate desire to compete and I could never turn it off. High school was a blur to me. I’d bounced from one sports season to the next. Most of the time seasons overlapped and I was at school from sun up until sundown for multiple practices. I always joked I lived at my school, and just went home to sleep.

I was naturally a very fast runner, so I loved to race. I excelled at sprinting, and made varsity track as a freshman and I continued varsity track through High School. My High School running career allowed me the honor to run track in College.

After I graduated from College I felt lost. Organized sports were my life, and my athletic edge seemed to be becoming a thing of the past. Once I became a working woman I was bored and almost depressed. So, my fiancé, also a die hard athlete, suggested we train for a bodybuilding show. We absolutely love the extreme challenge competing brought back into our lives. The opportunity to compete into the Masters Divisions is also something we look forward to. No other sport offers this much longevity for athletes. So here we are. Modeling opportunities are perks about the sport that we love because our passion is motivating and inspiring life changes in others.

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How do you stay motivated?

Now that I do not have organized sports and coaches to keep me accountable… I have to be accountable on my own. So, 1.) I Pray, when I need uplifted 2.) I Listen to good music when I need to knock out an intense work out 3.) And my all time best motivator is what I call my “Never ending list, list”!

Once I complete a goal, a new bigger goal has to always take its place. So, it’s my list that never ends, but continues to reward with more amazing blessings!! It hangs in my kitchen on a chalk board… and it continually changes and becomes more challenging. I feel this forces me to continue to always grow as a person and an athlete.

You are in the military, has your military training helped your training as a fitness competitor?

Physical readiness is highly acknowledged in the military. It is required that all personnel pass their annual PT test in order to maintain their position in the military. As an Officer, 1st Lieutenant, I feel I have an obligation to set an example for my fellow soldiers. So, my goal is to always max my PT test. I take physical readiness seriously. If I found a fallen comrade down or injured I feel I had better be in the best shape of my life in order to carry us both to safety.

What’s the best part about being a fitness competitor?

The absolute best part is how amazing I feel every day while eating clean and exercising. A healthy life style brings along with it endorphins that naturally make me feel happy, stress free, and confident. There is so much joy that comes to me when I push myself to the peak condition necessary in order to be competitive at shows. I feel I am taking care of myself in a way God intended. I feel my body is the temple. How I take care of my body represents my level of respect for my Savior, and the masterpiece he created in me.

I also enjoy meeting all of the “like-minded” people in the industry. Its very fun to meet people as on fire for their health as I am. It keeps me motivated to engage relationships like this, because I find strength in others when I am having an off day, a healthy support system is great!!

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What does your diet consist of?

That depends on the time of year, and if I’m in “on-season” or if I’m in “off season”.

During my “on season” my diet is very regimented, and as you can guess ONLY clean foods. I do Macro dieting. So, my fats, carbohydrates, and protein are calculated to the gram every day for around 4 months. However, during the 4 months of prep season, like any other athlete, I do get creative with my meals. Its never just chicken and asparagus for 4 months. I love making home made protein bars, and clean recipes that taste delicious. My favorites are my clean fish stir fry, or grilled turkey and veggies, with a cinnamon sweet potato for dessert… oh and my pumpkin spice protein pancakes are to die for!!!

During off season I eat to gain mass, so I increase my Macros, and lift heavy. During off season I also have a super delicious cheat meal once a week☺!!! This maintains a balance, and has actually turned into a date night for my fiancé and I. We are building stronger bodies and a stronger relationship.

What body part are you most proud of?

My heart…because I have a heart for God. He gets all the credit, I’m just a messenger of what living a healthy Godly life is like!

What is the biggest fitness myth you encounter in the fitness industry every day?

Absolutely positively when people believe there is some amazing, expensive, state of the art…“PILL” you can take to transform your body into a fit body with out doing “Anything” ?? Fitness is achieved by healthful diet and exercise only… period end of story!!!

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

My absolute favorite cheat meal are the loaded chicken and steak tacos from a local taco place in my home town called “Jims”. I love, love, love the fresh cilantro, veggies, guacamole, sour crème, and the soft corn tortilla, and of course the meat is seasoned to perfection. There is something delicious about them you cant explain until you have had them… I hold nothing back when it comes to Jims tacos… yummmm craving them now and foaming at the mouth!!!

What are your 3 favorite exercises?

My all time favorite exercise is to wake board, or snow board. However, when it comes to training for fitness competitions… I’ll list them in order:
1.) Running Stadium stairs. It is a great cardio work out, and its not as monotonous as a flat straight run. I feel like the time passes much quicker. Plus, my glute, quad, hami and calf muscles all get fully engaged!

2.) No surprise Im also a sucker for leg day. It’s definitely my favorite muscle group to work, and specifically leg extensions. I love watching my quadriceps pop out on every rep and then quiver when I have fully exhausted them. I love to see them grow!!

3.) Lastly who doesn’t love just a good ol’shoulder work out? They feel great, the pump is amazing, and it’s the most beautiful to me when a woman has nice “shoulder ornaments” on their arms.

Which female fitness model’s physique do you admire the most?

You mean other than my own? Lol, Honestly I think every fitness model is gorgeous in their own way. Fitness in general is gorgeous. However, I would have to say a fitness celebrity icon of mine has always been Chady Dunmore. She is tall and amazingly fit, but hasn’t lost her beautiful shape. I admire that she worked extremely hard to transform her body, and never stopped. I have had the privilege of meeting her and she is just a beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has a gorgeous personality which always makes someone more endearing. And of course I wish I had her freckles, they are just perfect and so lovely.

What supplements would you use/recommend if any?

A person absolutely needs a solid nutritious foundation of “clean” food and of course an adequate intake of water first. Then when training hard I absolutely would not go without a high quality whey isolate protein, a good long lasting pre-workout, BCAA’s, Glutamine, and of course a multi-vitamin. The other supplements depend on the person, goal, and timing of training.

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Do you like modeling or competing more?

Definitely modeling!! Modeling is just a lot more fun! It is an artistic expression, and the excitement during a photo shoot is captivating. Connecting with the hair and make-up artist is always my favorite. It is such an honor, to have someone else take the time to care enough to make “you” feel beautiful. I think being a make-up artist is such a selfless, amazing, and talented profession. I have loved, and have been so thankful to all of my make-up artists because they have been such genuine souls. Plus, it’s so cool to see what they can do to make the perfect “look.” I learn so many fun tips in during these sessions. The actual shoot can be intense. It can be super duper cold outside, but as a model you have to act like it’s a warm summer day and fight the urge to curl up into a ball and shiver. The relationship built with a photographer is most often a life long relationship. You have to trust your photographer immensely in order to get comfortable, and feel natural behind the camera. I always feel awkward doing anything remotely seductive, and unless I connect with the photographer, I end up looking like a goof ball.

Modeling is just all around an awesome experience. The end product of absolutely beautiful photo’s can sometimes just almost make you want to cry; especially when you capture that one picture that just “says it all”. Its rewarding to have people tell you how motivated they are by your photo’s. To me that is what modeling is all about. Helping others believe in themselves. No one is ordinary and everyone can be extraordinary. Fitness is something that anyone who works hard can achieve. There doesn’t have to be some natural born talent to become fit. This sport is all about heart, and dedication. Fitness is a choice. It is so fun to see people start loving themselves and their bodies and building confidence from within.

Top 10 tips for people who want to get in shape?

1.) Set your goals and write them down
2.) Tell someone close to you about your goal (have an accountability partner)
3.) Get up and go, NO EXCUSES
4.) Accept all the responsibility, no one is responsible for you but YOU
5.) Pray
6.) Keep a consistent precise food log, and stay strict with a clean diet
7.) Lift, Lift, Lift…
8.) Avoid monotony, and change up your workouts frequently. Try new lifts, run outside, and get deep on your lifts… learn to love the burn!!!
9.) Print pictures of the fitness personality you admire and tape it to your refrigerator, bath room mirror, pantry door, steering wheel Anywhere to keep your eye on the prize!
10.) Absolutely must have a great specific work out music mix!!!

What’s next for you?

I am super excited to be prepping for my first IFPA Bikini Pro Show, which will be in Kansas City on September 14, 2013. I am currently planning my wedding for September 28, 2013 and working on my Masters in Nursing I also cant wait to do my next photo shoot for Fitness Gurls Magazine.

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