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Meet InstaCrush And Super Fit Model/Actress Alyssa Julya Smith

There’s an awful lot of beautiful women who call LA home, but today we’re crushing on Alyssa Julya Smith, a professional model and actress (you might have seen her in the Robert De Niro movie Heist in 2015). She’s also the co-owner of her own swimsuit line, LEZARD SWIM, and regularly posts videos and pictures from her workouts on Instagram (see below). And if all that isn’t crush-worthy, we don’t know what is.

When I wear a new bikini ✨🤗✨#Feels #SantaBarbara @agentprovocateur

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Who needs makeup when you have a #tan?! 🌺✨☀️ #manhands #happysunday #beachgirlforlife #healthy Suit by @themissap

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