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Meet InstaCrush And Fit Model Jessica Arevalo

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help keep you going through the weekend, you’re going to want to check out today’s InstaCrush Jessica Arevalo. Because not only is she stunningly beautiful, but the inspiring fitness model doesn’t hide the fact that it takes a lot of hard work and sweat to look this good. And if you want to find out how Jessica does it, just go check out any of the training videos she posts either on her Instagram or her website and then come back and thank us later.

Just making sure they're still there😏

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A post shared by Jessica Arevalo (@jessicaarevalo_) on

@Shredz #ShredzAthlete – One of my favorite exercises to target hammies and lower booty area is a hamstring curl. Y'all know I'm about the different variations or exercises. Normally gyms don't have the standing hamstring curl only the laying down one. All in all it hits the same targeted muscle. The difference in the standing is I feel the isolation so much more!🙌🏻 – TIP*Something I've done for years is carry a gallon of water with me through out the day to track how much water I am actually drinking I normally try and get in one gallon per day. I like to make it tasty sometimes by adding something sweet to make it satisfying to my sweet tooth through out the day! Today I put 2 scoops of @Shredz BCAAS to keep me energized and my sweet tooth satisfied!😋 – If anyone has any questions on supplements or how you can start your fitness journey today don't hesitate to email me📩 [email protected] I'd love to hear from you!😘

A post shared by Jessica Arevalo (@jessicaarevalo_) on

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