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Jayde Nicole : Covergirl – Nov 2011

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Interview with Jayde Nicole - Fitness Gurls

Q: What did you like best about being Playmate of the year in 2008?

A: Jayde- I was really nervous at first but it opened a lot of doors for me. My favorite part was being able to travel all over to places like Australia and Dubai.

Q: What was one of the best experiences of being on “The Hills”?

Well that’s a hard one to answer, as reality TV isn’t always the best experience. One thing I can say that came out positive was I learned a lot about the industry during that time.

Q: What made you want to get involved in fitness?

As a young girl and still today I am a vegetarian and when I was young I was so skinny and probably malnutrition. I have always wanted to learn more and more about fitness and nutrition and with the industry that I’m in you have to be in shape all the time. Also because of the roles I’ve played and being in the public, girls always ask me how do I stay in such great shape so I decided to show them.

Q: What qualities do you look for in a guy?

My guy has to be honest, trust worthy, funny, and he has to baby me. Many girls don’t admit that this is something they want I’m just willing to say it.

Q: When you aren’t on the scene being a super hot jaw dropping diva what do you like to do?

Well if you asked me this question a year ago I would say you would find me and my girls out hitting clubs almost every weekend. But maybe it’s just growing up or something but my favorite thing to do now would be hitting the spa and just relaxing and staying in and cooking dinner.

Q: You are originally from a small town in Canada how was it when you first moved to L.A.?

Well, I was a little scared because everyone I knew was telling me how people were different in L.A. and that they probably wouldn’t be nice to me. So when I first moved into the Playboy Mansion I didn’t really go anywhere. But after a while I made friends and found out how amazing the people were out here and that people are people. It’s been amazing ever since.

Q: If you could be on any show now what would it be?

None. The truth is I really want to focus on Jayde Nicole Fitness right now. Reality TV can be hard and I really just want to focus on helping others. I’m glad I have had the opportunities I have had but it’s time for a change.

Q: If you were going out with your girls where could you be found?

If you asked me that a year ago we would probably be hitting up some club. But in the last year I have really been focusing on being healthy so not so much partying. We still do enjoy eating out at a nice restaurant with good food. My girls and I are real foodies.

Q: The question we all want to know… Are you seeing anyone?

Yes, Sorry guys, I’m taken.

Q: Do you still like to travel?

Yes. I live in L.A but my boyfriend owns some clubs in Cabo so I spend a lot of my time down there.

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