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Heather Clay - Fitness Gurls Magazine

Q: What would you say the greatest benefit of being in shape would be?

I can wear just about anything I want and get away with it. Not only that but the freedom of movement and being agile allows me to experience every kind of activity or adventure my little heart desires.

Q: What made you decide you wanted to compete in the beginning?

ESPN Fitness America 1999… I saw this when I was 19 years old and fell in love. Ever since I retired from gymnastics I was looking for an outlet that gave the same fulfillment and utlized my talents and passion. I found competing in fitness was my answer. I entered my 1st show at age 19 as the youngest competitor in the NPC. John Lindsay nicknamed me as “teeniebopper.”

Q: How long did it take you to get ready for your first show?

I spent 6 weeks training, dieting, costume designing, and choreographing my routine for the max muscle naturals 1999 where I earned a proud 1st runner up ranking and my first magazine feature.

Q:What do you eat post workout?

These days I always seem to crave diet coke and sushi post contest. Can someone please tell me what that’s about?

Q: What’s your favorite piece of workout equipment?

I’m happy with a tumbling mat. It’s all I really need. I love getting active outdoors too. There is nothing like good scenery while breaking a good sweat.

Q: Do you have any other pet peeves? If so what are they?

Pop ups, clothing tags, movie sub titles, and mostly…mean people!

Q: Is competing still something you want do do in 2012?

I’m considering the Arnold Classic… I love competing and doing it as a hobby. My main focus is on my family and working in business development. I’m fascinated with marketing trends and the growing popularity and power of social networking.

Q: Modeling or competing, which one do you like the best?

I love modeling for simple fact that it’s where I get to be creative and express myself. Competitions can often times be political as I’ve learned in the 13 years I’ve been competing. I use competitions as a stage to advertise myself for future opportunity and motivation to stay sexy and fit year round.

Q: Tell me about your new project PerfectAah Fit?

PerfectAah is an all encompassing fitness solution for an affluent clientele. We offer the perfect marriage of food and fitness delivered to your doorstep so that we can guarantee results. This has never been done before and we are proud to be the first! Our first time customer offer is unmatchable. We are giving away a month of free gourmet meal delivery when you sign up for 1 month in home training. This is such a promising company that it is endorsed and co owned by the industry’s leading professionals… to name a few myself, Christian Boeving, Kim Lyons, Gunther Schlierkamp, Mike O’Hearn, Sherlyn Roy, Lauren Abraham, Greg Plitt, Cory Everson, Clark Bartram, Danny Hester and Mike Ryan. We have combined our knowledge and experience to mastermind this entire operation. Check it out!

Q: When approaching a girl at a gym, whats the one thing a men
shouldn’t do?

Don’t use a come on line. Just be genuine and honest. It’s so much more attractive than when I guy tries to play a character and be “Mr Charming.”

Q: What’s next for Heather Clay?

I’ve become a comic book nerd and I’m working on a project to “bring my passion to life”. That’s all I can tell you about that. The rest is a secret…shhh :)



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