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Fight Chix – Shannon Ihrke

As a single mother for six years, the only sister with 6 brothers and a woman in a male dominated profession I have been through and will embrace many more battles to do my part in empowering women around the world.

In Feb of 2006, I was watching the male dominated sport of mixed martial arts and came to the realization that I loved the sport. I was overwhelmed by the passion and dedication of the athletes. The timeless effort for little money. Like the early days of other major professional sports these athletes have full time jobs and train whenever and where ever they have a chance. I quickly engulfed myself in research and discovered there are many female fighters struggling harder than the men and a woman fan base that is as large as the male fan base. I also realized the woman voice was not being heard or if it was we weren’t being represented like we should be.

Fight Chix Shannon Ihrke

I went to my husband Jacob, who is a graphic designer and more importantly a huge fight junkie, and brainstormed on different ways to empower the woman voice. After several late night discussions I decided a clothing line would be the best way to have female fighters and female fans feel empowered. A few days later we came up with the name and a logo. A week later a website. I was so proud to because we had created something that was a small voice for female athletes and female fans of MMA with the dream of it becoming millions of women’s voices being heard.

Today Fight Chix has transcended just mixed martial arts and has become a lifestyle brand for all the women in the world that have overcome struggles to reach their potential. Fight Chix is for the women who will be the future leaders of the world. Fight Chix is for women who are not afraid of a challenge and meet it head on. Fight Chix is Sexy. Fight Chix is Strong. Fight Chix is Empowering Women Worldwide.

Fight Chix Shannon Ihrke

About Shannon Ihrke:

My name is Shannon Ihrke, I’m 25 years old and I grew up in Walker, Minnesota. After high school, I went to college for a short time before joining the United States Marine Corps at age 19. While in, I served as an administrative specialist and was stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC for 2 years and then at 4th Maint Bn 4th MLG in Rock Island, IL for another 2 years. After honorable serving and getting off active duty as a Sergeant, I decided to do a 180 and move to Chicago and started modeling. I’ve been doing it every since. I’ve been in Maxim Magazine several times, UFC 360, Fight! Magazine, and currently hold the title of Chicago’s Miss Tropic Beauty. I am also the spokesmodel for the biggest classic rock radio station in Chicago, 97.9FM The Loop. When I’m not modeling or being a ring girl for MMA, I enjoy playing with my dog Bullet, spending time with my family, and starting up my own non-profit charity for military personnel called ‘Committed To Courage’.

Marine Fitness Info:

The Marine Corps prides themselves on having amazing fit war-fighting machines! Every morning we have PT (Physical Training), sometimes we’d work out again during lunch, and twice a year they test your fitness level. The better you score, the better your odds are of getting promoted in rank so it’s incredibly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We did tons of running, martial arts training, hiking, swimming, lifting, and literally anything else you can possible imagine. I even had to carry a Marine who was 250 pounds on my back a time or two! It’s incredibly important to have every Marine combat ready at all times.



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