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Cover Girl: Mindy Karuk – May 2011

Mindy Karuk - Fitness Model - Photos - PicturesInterview with WBFF Pro - Mindy Karuk - Fitness Gurls

Fitness Gurls - Mindy Karuk - May 2011 Covergirl - Fitness Model

She’s one of the hottest women in fitness.  A WBFF Pro Fitness Model, we are excited to have Mindy Karuk as on may cover girl.  -


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Q:: You have undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bodies in fitness, what’s your secret in staying in such great shape?

A:: Thank you! I always make sure to get my workout in and keep a healthy balanced diet! When I’m pressed for time I super set my exercises and use active rest periods to train my abs. I also use metcon workouts, those take the least time, lasting 20 min and leave me feeling puke
worthy during and after! Keeping in photo ready shape all year round just becomes a lifestyle choice. On the days where I don’t want to get
to the gym, I just get out and go! I always make sure sure to have my gym bag ready to go to save time!

Q:: We think you’re pretty flawless, but do you have any trouble spots or areas you need to give a little more love to?

A:: I’m always looking to improve my body all around! The beauty of weight lifting is you’re always able to tweak and ever improve. For me I like to give extra attention to my glutes, hams and abs. With the help of my trainer Darren Mehling and my BF Chris I have been giving them hard love!!

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