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Cover Girl: Emily Reynolds – July 2011

Cover Girl: Emily Reynolds - July 2011

Five Big Questions with Emily Reynolds

Because we really couldn’t get enough Emily Reynolds, we asked you to be on our July cover.. I believe this is your first cover, how does it feel to be loved?

Love is on the top of my priority list in life so it feel fantastic to be loved! I got a whole lot of it to give so it is such a beautiful thing to feel it in return.

When working working out and toning you’re amazing body, what kinda music do you listen to? What’s on your playlist right now?

Music is huge for me in order to get into my zone at the gym. Right now I am listening to DJ Scooter, Limp Bizkit, Jay Z, DJ Irene, POD, mostly techno and music that I can rage to when I lift! My favorite songs right now are Rhianna “Only Girl in the World” and Jay Z “On to the Next One”.

What’s sexiest on a man?

A. Great Arms

B. A Great Chest

C. Awesome Abs

D. Great Clothes

Can I choose all of the above? I could care less about clothes so I guess I would pick chest because it seems to be the hardest body part to perfect. Great pecs take a lot of work and I can always appreciate that on a man.

What’s your favorite summer outdoor fitness activity?

Hands down, long walks on the beach :) No seriously! I have been taking the same walk along the same beach for 7 years now and I can’t get enough of it. There are so many people on this walk, lots of cute families, doggies to pet and several sets of big stairs to run. There are benches to do dips and push ups on too. It is heaven for me!

You love helping people reach their fitness goals. What’s one thing they should never forget on their journey to living a more health life?

Someone that I have a very very deep respect for said to me, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do!” This really stuck with me. You have got to be willing to go the extra mile and believe with all your heart that you will achieve your goals… and then you will!

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At A Glance

Birthdate: May 30th


Competing Weight:123 lbs.

Off Season Weight:132 lbs.

Hometown: West Hartfold, CT

Lives Now: San Diego, CA