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Colleen Gallagher – Cover Model

colleen gallagher - Fitness Gurls Cover

colleen gallagher - Fitness Gurls

When fitness models train, they train just as hard as athletes, if not harder. My training now is more challenging than my college soccer workouts were, and that’s saying something!

I love listening to my clients transformation stories. Nothing makes me more proud than to hear how much TheFitGal has changed someones life!

The best part of being on Team Fitness Gurls is everything! We get to represent the fitness community at a high level, travel, work with the industries best photographers, promote a healthy lifestyle, and have a blast doing it!

The sexiest thing about a fit guy is knowing that they’re motivated and work hard. It shows that they take care of their body and care about their health. Doesn’t hurt if he has a nice beard either.

I love bikinis period. It’s a bit of fetish for me, I own well over 100. Just ordered some new ones online last night actually.

I love training my mind. I enjoy challenging myself mentally and always learning new things. There’s so much knowledge in the world and it’s exciting to grow and evolve from that.

Squats build the booty! And who doesn’t like that?

The best part of modeling is that you get to see all of your hard work in print. And if you’re lucky you get to travel to some pretty cool places!

Growing up a person I looked up to in fitness was Mia Hamm. I played soccer all my life and just like every other little girl in America, she was my idol!

When a girl knows who she is, it’s a powerful thing. Too many girls now a days try to fit the mold what they think they should be or what someone else wants them to be. Girls need to learn to be independent, work hard for their dreams, and grow into strong women.

Love is caring about someone else more than yourself. It’s allowing yourself to be vulnerable as well as feeling the magnitude of happiness.

The gym is where I get most of my thinking done. It’s not just physical growth that happens there!

The best advice I ever got was ‘don’t settle’ on anything in life. The past few years of my life have been blessed with so many new experiences, when you let go of doubt and don’t take things so seriously, amazing things happen. Do what makes you happy, be a little rebellious, try new things, because you’ll never regret living your life.

2014 is going to be well traveled, much loved, and a hell of a lot of fun!



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