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Chantel Rae: Gym Crush


Chantel Rae: Gym Crush

Chantel Rae - Gym Crush

Chantel Rae (Bikini Model & Fitness Competitor) – Gym Crush

1.Hometown: Hughenden, AB
2. Height: 5’8″
3. Weight: 114 lbs
4. Turn ons: Laid back, good sense of humor
5. Turn offs: Poking on Facebook!
6. Favorite Body Part: My Calves
7. Titles: Was ranked one of IFM’s Canada’s Hot & Fit 100
8. Role Models: Parents, Annett Milbers and former Fitness Gurls cover model Mindy Karuk
9. Favorite Workout: Shoulders, Triceps & Abs
10. Favorite Cheat Food: Oreos/Skor Blizzard
11. Favorite thing about competing: My mom / Heather Robertson / Angelina Jolie
12. A fun fact about yourself: I love meeting all the girl backstage, even though you are competing against each other everyone is so nice and welcoming. And hearing about their stories and backgrounds in interesting.

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