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Brittney Palmer : Covergirl – October 2011

Brittney Palmer - UFC Octagon Girl - Artist - Photos - Pictures
Interview with Brittney Palmer - Fitness Gurls

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Q:: What has Brittney Palmer been up to these days?

A:: I move to California a couple months ago and I’ve started art school, so I just finished my summer semester. So I been focusing on learning and doing art. And starting my new life in California, surfing as much as I can.

Q:: I see some of your art pieces are on your site, how long have you been doing art?

A:: I’ve always been artistic even as a little girl. Either I was painting or dancing, I was always doing something artistic, but I never took it seriously until about a yea ago when I starting putting together a collection. So I started dedicating some real time into it and then everything started up well. People started to respond to it and really liked it, so I figured really give it a shot so I went to school for it.

Q:: So is this a hobby or something you definitely what to jump into and do?

A:: This is definitely not a hobby. I hope to make a career out of it. Either being an artist myself or being in the art world in some way. I don’t have my name in lights, but I love this industry, I love art… I really have a passion for it. So I definitely want to get serious about it.

Q:: I hear you’re coming back to the UFC one day, is that true?

A:: I never left the UFC. Haha. UFC and I… I’ve been with the company for a really long time and we have a great relationship. I moved here and wanted to focus on art and they wanted to go in another direction for ring girls so it kinda happened at a good time. But it was never a situation of letting me go or me quitting. So the rumormill flies, but I’m still with the company… just taking a little time off to focus on art.

Q:: Looking back what were some of the best things about being involved with the UFC and WEC?

A:: It’s the whole kitten caboodle. You get to travel. The fans are great! I love MMA, I’ve always been a fan, so I get to sit front row and see every fight… and see the behind the scenes.

Q:: So traveling with the UFC, what where some of the most interesting places you’ve ever travelled?

A:: Australia, that was definitely an experience.

Q:: What was cool about it?

A:: We got to go surfing and surf with Kelly Slaters team. The whole vibe down there was pretty rad.

Q:: What are something you have to take on you travels, Brittney’s gotta have this with me list on your trips?

A:: My iPad, an electric tooth brush and my sun glasses. I’m pretty easy going, I don’t need much.

Q:: On your day off, what are your favorite things to do?

A:: Paint, surf, snowboard and skate board. Any thing outdoors.

Q:: What’s the most important qualities a guy can have?

A:: He has to be confident?

Q:: If I guy wanted to impress you what would he need to do?

A:: Be good at surfing, snowboarding. He has to be talented. I like people that have passion for something.

Q:: So what’s next for Brittney Palmer?

A:: I have a clothing line from Jakt Apparel and it’s called Stonefree by Brittney Palmer. And then I have a calendar coming out, so that will be out soon.