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The Best Of Fitness Gurls Instagram Posts Of The Day

After a long weekend of stuffing your bellies with Easter dinners, here is a roundup of our favorite Fitness Gurls to help motivate you guys to burn off all those unwanted calories.

Beach day today β˜€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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When your crop is way too tight on back & lats but @celestialbodiez pants always fitting just right!! πŸ’–

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You always hear diet is the key which is πŸ’―% true, but what fails to get mentioned is the importance of ever single food item that goes in your mouth or never makes it to your mouth. When most of us look at food all we see is. Protein = muscle. Carbs = fat. Fat = fat. Fruit = fat. Veggies = just something you have to eat. It's sad that we are programmed to think this way. Every single whole food, plays a roll in proper function and health of your body. In order to gain muscle or even loose fat and maintain it easily and in a healthy state, you need a variety of foods and the right amount. Those who restrict important food items for too long will have deficiencies that can lead to long term health problems and will stop you from ever reaching your goals. Variety of food items have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients that work together along with fat, carbs and proteins to be metabolized (used) the way they should in your body. I said WORK TOGETHER. Yes each nutrient from each food item can't process the way it should if another nutrient is unavailable. You talk, walk, work and exercise. You want muscle gain and fat loss. You need various nutrients to be able to to that. You want to protect and keep a heathy heart, brain, liver, tissue (just to name a few). When important nutrients are lacking, your body searches for what it needs and when it can't find it, various things will stop working. You will notice your performance in activities suffer. You can't focus at work or in just can't focus in general. You feel aggregated or irritated. No energy. Hair, skin and nails start to look dull. Be healthy. Understand the importance of each food, don't look at them in a negative form. Don't turn to substitutes or "alternatives" to what whole foods do for you. Cause nothing can replace a healthy nutrient dense diet. Be healthy and treat your body with love. It's the only one you have. If we understand what our body needs we would have more success β™₯️ #jenheward

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Unhappy, and social media to blame? Tag someone that you think will help! Knowledge is worth sharing! πŸ’ͺ🏻 How many of you compare yourself to those you don’t know? It’s no secret that most of us compare ourselves to people we know. But what about those who we have never met? Think about this and how crazy it is: "How can we possibly be jealous or compare ourselves to someone that we have never even had face to face contact with?" With the social media outlets such as Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook, Snapchat, it’s virtually impossible to escape from seeing countless personalities and their seemingly perfect lives. Without even knowing it, we are guilty of consuming the image of happiness and perfection through the lens. The images you see may portray a perfect image, or life, but the reality may be very different. Remember, those people in the images you come across are human, and have ups and downs like everyone else. So rather than feeling intimated and discouraged by what you see, be happy with who you are, who you have in your life and what you stand for!

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