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The Best Of Fitness Gurls Instagram Posts Of The Day

The weekend is finally here and now that the weather is nice, it is time to plan some fun, physical activities so that we keep our mind and bodies in check. Here are our Fitness Gurls to help inspire and motivate you.

Happy hump day! ✌?️

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The other day my diet had been so on point and I had been super careful and my stomach was flat and I wasn't holding water. Felt awesome. Looked good. Then I eat soemthing I'm sensitive to and I look like I havnt even bothered dieting at all. I know deep down my body had not changed dramatically or I have gained back the fat I have been working hard to lose, but it can be slightly disheartening when you are not where you want to be in terms of prep. Lucky for me, I'm pretty level headed and chilled, so I know this is temporary and something that will pass. Girls especially; try not to get too caught up in your diet and Comp prep. Thjngs will go wrong. Your body will react to things you don't understand. And it will not be a smooth journey. Be patient. Make note of changes. And keep moving forward 🙂 #motivation #progress #fitness #bodybuilding #fitnessmodel #workhardplayhard #sportsmodel #gains #diet #lean #fitnessgurls #bikinifitness #bikinimodel #bikinigirl #bikinicompetitor #bodybuilding #bikinibody #fitchicks

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