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Food & Nutrition
  • 10 Ways To Get More Antioxidants Into Your Diet

    It’s no secret that antioxidants are incredibly beneficial to good health. It’s believed the antioxidants in food can help prevent cancer,...

    Fitness Gurls StaffMay 13, 2016
  • The Benefits of Acidophilus

    People know that bacteria are harmful to human’s health. It causes different types of diseases and may even cause death. Talks...

    Fitness Gurls StaffMay 6, 2016
  • 3 Ways To Drink More Water

    After a little research it is apparent that nobody really knows where the saying that you need to drink 8 cups...

    Fitness Gurls StaffMay 5, 2016
  • Getting Enough B Vitamins?

    With all the negative reports about pork, it’s hard to believe that there is anything good to benefit from eating the...

    Fitness Gurls StaffMay 2, 2016
  • Are You Ready For Low Carb?

    Everyone’s been talking about low carb diets. While most people tend to associate it with South Beach or Atkins, there are...

    Fitness Gurls StaffApril 29, 2016
  • Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

    Coconut as a whole plays a very important part in our lives. From leafs to the oil everything has become very...

    Fitness Gurls StaffApril 28, 2016