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Fitness Gurls Instagram Pics Of The Week

We love our Fitness Gurls Sponsored Athletes. Here are some of their best post of the week.

Update: I've been sick the past 4 days. For those of you who follow my snap(HopeBeel) you know this. I haven't trained just kept my diet on point, mainly because of my @nutritionsolutions meals. Being sick doesn't give you an excuse to eat crap, if anything you should eat better to take care of your body! I will be posting my cold remedy on @hopebeelfit if anyone is curious❤️ Use code hope10 to get a discount on your meals. Looking for online coaching that teaches you balance? Email [email protected]

A photo posted by Hope Beel (@hopebeel) on

If they don't know you personally, don't take it personal. ???? That's a lesson I learned early on in this industry and through social media. ???? I honestly put my phone down usually around 4pm each day and leave it on the counter in order to give full attention to my family. However last night, I decided to snap a quick pic of my dinner (homemade chili) on my ig story… when I did I saw a few notifications from being tagged in one of my images another "transformation page" shared. I love how complete strangers nearly on the other side of the world can say that I am anorexic and what not.. ???????? lol people that haven't even been to my page.. ???? It just blows my mind how rude and hateful some people can be especially when hiding behind a screen. Anyways, while those things TRUTHFULLY DON'T BOTHER ME, as it is life and just the way some people are, there are those people out there that really get upset or bothered by it. Just a reminder, that if that happens to you breath and blow it off. Move past it. They don't know you personally, don't take it personal. ???????? — — #saraheevans @fitnessgurls #motivate #teamfitnessgurls #fallfashion #fitnessmodel ???? @mevans04

A photo posted by Sarah e. Evans (@saraheevans_livingfitnclean) on

Focus on your muscles as you train them, it makes a difference. #BMM_fitFam #claireraefitapp @bodymakeovermovement

A photo posted by Claire (@clairemrae) on

Be kind, work hard, smile often and stay humble ♥️ Happy Weekend

A photo posted by Jen Heward (@hunnybunsfit) on

T G I F ???????????????? @leelhgfx

A photo posted by whitneyjohns (@whitneyjohns) on

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