March 2012

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  • Amy Von Rummelhoff – Sports Gurl – Interview

    Amy Von Rummelhoff you are our new Sport Gurl. You’re beautiful, you have fabolus physique, but do you really like sports? Sports has always been a HUGE part of my life. I grew up a competitive figure skater and dancer and love watching all action sports live. What’s your favorite sport? I would have to […]

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  • Brooke Mora Fitness Gurls Sponsored Athlete

    Tweet [dcs_thinspliter size=”small”] You were on our wish list of models we always wanted to work with, we think you’re a perfect fit for Fitness Gurls Magazine. Why do you believe Fitness Gurls is a good fit for you? Thank you so much! I’m really excited and honored to be a part of the Fitness […]

  • Shed the Fat with High Intensity Interval Training

    It is beach season again, and you know what that means, big muscles, hard abs, and tiny bikinis. Living in Newport Beach, California summer is here! I am getting ready to shed my… ahem…winter layer with High Intensity Interval Training! Why would anyone want to spend countless hours in the gym unless you are working […]

  • Coping Skills Lead to Success

    Hi FIT friends! Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, in the middle or you’re maintaining a fit lifestyle, I’m sure you can relate to this information in some way. My husband and I have been eating clean for two years now, so the food preparation is just part of our lifestyle. […]

  • Brittany Walker Fitness Gurls Sponsored Athlete

    Tweet [dcs_thinspliter size=”small”] Q: What would you say is the most important part of your fitness routine? Balance and having fun! Along with weight training often, I try to incorporate some other types of training to keep my body “guessing” like rope training, kettle bells, etc. Of course the most important part of maxing out […]

  • Creating A Personal Heart Health Profile Online

    There’s good news for those feeling the pressure to know more about high blood pressure and heart disease. Nearly one in three adults has high blood pressure. Since the condition has no warning signs or symptoms, it’s important to know your risk factors. High blood pressure management is imperative to reduce the incidence of coronary […]